Unclutter Space

By Kylie Hargrave

Elm Staff Writer


Living in a dorm room and fitting everything you wanted to bring from home is no easy task, and organizational solutions can be expensive or hard to find. Luckily some people along the way have thought of ingenious ways to create more space without spending a lot of money. These were the five I came across that I liked the most:

1. An easy way to store snacks, silverware, cups, and other small kitchen items is a plastic shoe organizer hung on the wall with Command Strips or Hooks. It can easily go on the back of the shelves that make up part of the desks in many of Washington College’s dorm rooms, or they could even easily go straight on the wall in an inconspicuous corner. Also, if you buy the half sized organizers that can be purchased for under $10 they can be hung on the side of small refrigerators with Command Hooks or hanging tack.

2. Belts and scarves can take up a lot of space in drawers or closets, but a quick and easy fix, if you would rather not pay for or have to order hangers designed to store these items, would be to use some book or binder rings on a regular hanger for easy scarf and belt storage. Plus, these little rings are usually only a couple dollars for a whole pack making them a cheap and easy option.

3. A fun way to create a little extra space and to showcase important papers or memos is to recycle some old tin trays or cookie sheets as DIY magnet boards. It could be as simple as buying a couple cheap trays or cookie sheets or even painting over old ones you already have at home and hanging them up with sticky tack or Command Strips. This would be a cool way to add some decoration that have a purpose as well.

4. Another simple and easy idea is to use the seat sacks that most of us probably used as kids in elementary school classrooms as organization tools. Hanging this cheap cloth sack (most are only around $10) over the back of our desk chair could make for an easy place to store the books and materials we use often so that they’re easily found and grabbed on the way to class if needed.

5. Hanging a shower caddy on the wall with Command Strips can make for instant and easy storage for anything from journals and small books to pens, pencils, and jewelry. This idea is probably my favorite, because it’s simple and quite ingenious in my opinion. You can also increase the level of storage by hanging mesh desk tins from the hooks using paper clips. A perfect place to hang this would be either right above your desk or on the side of your bookshelf that’s in easy reach of your desk for extra desk storage to keep the area uncluttered and the drawers un-stuffed.

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