A Goose and A Gander

by Nick Anstett and Kayla Kyle

Opinion Editor and Lifestyle Editor

This week Nick and Kayla are discussing that dreaded time of realtionships over the summer. What do you do when you go from seeing each other everyday then possibly not again until school starts again in August?

Nick says… It’s weird in that exempting a very small portion of college relationships almost every couple tries the long distance thing for at least some of the year. For many, it may be strange to go from seeing your partner every day and practically living together to possibly being separated by multiple states for several months. It can be a rough period of time and it can make the wait for school to begin again all the more difficult.


How do you make the best of your summer? The easiest way is to stay in regular communication with your partner throughout. Whether it’s through regular phone calls or Skype dates, keeping in regular contact is pretty much essential. Not every couple needs constant communication though. Talk with your significant other to see what they are comfortable with.

Another option is to organize several different trips to meet up during your break. Maybe have your partner visit you in your hometown and meet your family and/or vice versa. This way the two of you get to see one another in a new environment and can introduce each other to your local favorites and friends. As long as both sides put in an equal effort to see one another, things should go well. An alternative fun possibility is a trip organized between the two of you. While this is certainly something outside many couples’ price ranges, it’s a possibility worth considering. Even if your trip is simply a daytrip to a city or amusement park it allows for you two to see one another and hopefully makes the wait for fall semester a little bit easier.

In short, dating in college can be hard. I’ve long said that in many ways while college relationships may seem adult, they are in many ways their own category. You have the independence and freedom of adult life, but in many ways live in an environment that is quite unlike anything you could encounter in the real world. With it you are likely to find yourself facing all sorts of challenges and difficulties. However, through strong communication and honesty things will work out. Have a great summer.

Kayla says… The end of spring semester always brings on a lot of emotions whether it’s excitement for graduation, relief as the workload fades away, or simple joy for the coming lazy summer days. However, the end of the semester may bring out different emotions for those in relationships (especially new relationships).

If you and your significant other live far apart, it can be hard going from seeing each other everyday to barely seeing them/not seeing them at all during the summer. Yes, long distance relationships can be hard, but don’t be discouraged. There are many ways you and your significant other can work through the long distance as long as both of you are willing to try.

1. Skype/Call/Text: While you may not be able to physically touch your significant other, you can still connect with them through Skype or through a phone call. It is crucial to have some form of communication when you are miles apart. Otherwise your relationship will crumble as you lose touch with one another. (I mean if you can’t touch, you might as well talk.)


2. Send Out Old-Fashioned Mail: It’s always nice to get a surprise package or hand written letter especially from your significant other. Not only will you create a new bond in your relationship, but you will also have something to look forward to when you go check the mail.

3. Plan a Trip: Maybe you both decide that you’d rather go on a trip together instead of visiting each other at home. Such a trip can also bring you closer together, but be warned if you are in a new relationship, such a trip will test the strength of your relationship (if you want to get to know someone really well, travel with them).

4. Stay Positive: While long distance is difficult, it is always important to stay positive. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel (the light being the time when you will be reunited) and try not to dwell on the fact that you are apart. You can even make a countdown calendar to help pass the time. You will be together again; you just have to be patient.

No one said having a long distance relationship was easy. It takes a lot of effort, communication, and understanding. Make sure you discuss with your significant other how you want to handle the long distance, either through regular Skype dates or planned road trips. If both of you really want the relationship to last, then, while long distance is a challenge, you will find a way to overcome this obstacle. Be positive, have faith in your relationship, keep in contact, and don’t lose hope. If your relationship can handle long distance, imagine what else it could handle. Have a wonderful summer and best of luck to you.

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