Changes to Admitted Students’ Day

By Brooke Schultz

Elm Staff Writer


The prospective Class of 2019 will be visiting campus April 11 for Admitted Students’ Day. Kelsey Kemp, Class of 2010 and assistant director of admissions and events coordinator, and Director of Admissions Bradly Booke have been working hard to make sure the day represents Washington College’s best attributes.

Admitted Students’ Day began last year with the Class of 2018. Prior to Vice President of Enrollment Management Satyajit Dattagupta’s arrival, WC only had a spring open house. When he took over the position, having an Admitted Students’ Day was one of the primary things that he wanted to change.

“This is the last opportunity for students to visit campus, so we really wanted a day that was just focused around them. It’s like, ‘You’re an admitted student, let us show you WC, why we love WC, and why you should come to the campus.’ It’s definitely one of the reasons why we wanted to create this event,” Kemp said.

Kemp planned the entire event. She created the schedule, organized the staff, assisted Admissions Representative Obella Obbo with organizing tour guides, and worked with faculty to set up all the sessions.

“When they come check in, they’ll get a schedule, a name tag, and a T-shirt for the Class of 2019,” Kemp said.

“The office as a whole emphasizes the personal touch,” said Booke. “It’s the way that we can distinguish ourselves most, in the context of other schools that students are looking at. That carries through to the event, to the extent that we know everyone who is coming. We’re making sure that everyone who comes through the door, even though we’re expecting a very large group, feels entirely welcomed.”

The Admissions Office values a personal touch when it comes to enticing prospective students. Also with the Class of 2018, the Admissions Office began the practice of handwritten, personal notes on the bottom of each acceptance letter. Admitted Students’ Day is another way for the department to show the students that they’re not just another number.

Admitted Students’ Day is broadening this year as well. There will be a student panel so prospective students can ask any questions they have to a diverse group of current students. There’s also a parent panel, where parents can ask fellow parents about their children’s time at WC.

Another way the Admissions Office is getting students to campus is offering an airport shuttle for those outside of the East Coast area. “[It’s for] if they’re traveling alone, or it’s just a nice personal touch to have a friendly face to pick them up,” Kemp said.

For those unfamiliar with Chestertown, Assistant Director of Admissions Sam Shoge will be giving tours and talking about the history of the town.

Also different from other open houses, students will be able to see every freshmen residence hall, with the help of Assistant Director of Residence Life Sarah Wright and the Resident Assistants.

Admitted Students’ Day is packed with a lot of things for students to do. Their schedule starts at 8:30 in the morning and runs until around 3 that afternoon. There will be a DJ booth in Martha Washington Square, a photo booth, tours, and internship, externship, and financial aid sessions. All these activities are available so prospective stduents can see if WC is the place for them.

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