Chic Choice: Matt Ridge’s Goodbye

By Matt Ridge

Elm Staff Writer

For my final Elm article of my career I decided to showcase myself to help summarize my outlook on all things style. My hope is that by getting an understanding of my fashion choices not only through this article but from all of my articles, you’ll be able to see that it isn’t what you’re wearing, it’s how you’re wearing it.

What I’m wearing: I’m wearing a blue button up with a yellow and pink floral pattern, black chino shorts, maroon socks, and black boots.

Where I got it: The button up is originally from Urban Outfitters, though it was actually given to me by a friend. The black shorts, as well as the socks, are from H&M, and the boots are Dr. Marten’s, a popular boot brand you can find in most shoe stores.

Why I chose it: I decided to piece together some of my favorite articles of clothing and make one outfit that I really love. The button up is actually my favorite shirt just because I feel like it’s a really good representation of my personality, by which I mean people can gather a pretty accurate sense of what kind of person I am just by looking at the shirt. And I really love boots with shorts; it’s my favorite fashion choice.

Style inspiration: I’m not sure that I’m inspired by just one style. I really love finding strange pieces of clothing that most people wouldn’t wear. I take pride in my clothes because so much of what I wear warrants the comment “Only you could pull that off.”

Can’t leave the dorm without: Having done my hair. Even on the days I don’t wash it, I have to at least attempt to save it and make it look presentable.

Number one fashion tip: This goes along with my previous answer: You only feel as good as your hair looks. By this, I mean that if you feel that your hair looks bad then you’re going to be in a worse mood than you would be if you thought your hair looked great.

Favorite Fashion Era: I think I would have to say the 1960s. The hippie trends of this era are just really what I strive to pull off. I, of course, am not mimicking their style exactly, but instead am trying to be inspired by their fashion choices and bring that kind of energy back into fashion. Men’s fashion now is so boring. I’d love to go back to the ‘60s and hippie fashion where everything was in Technicolor.

How would you describe your style: Boundless.

When it comes down to it, I’m really proud of the clothes that I own. Though many of my choices aren’t always seen as good ones, this is the way I’ve always wanted to dress. The point of my fashion column was to help guide men in a stylish direction while also encouraging them to dress however they wanted. So in the future, don’t worry about what other people are going to say about your outfit, if you feel comfortable and confident in it that’s all that matters.

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