Hero of the Week: George Takei

By Emma Buchman

Opinion Editor


This week our hero is someone who is constanttly improving our world, even if only through a post on Facebook. This week’s hero is George Takei, actor, LGBT activist, and all-around gentleman.

Takei began his acting career with voiceovers, and took on his role in “Star Trek” in 1966.
Takei began his acting career with voiceovers, and took on his role in “Star Trek” in 1966.

Takei has taken on the worst that life could have offered him and has still persevered. When he was only five-years-old, he and his family were forced to move into Japanese internment camps in Arkansas and northern California. He has since starred in a musical based off internment camp experiences and continues to bring the injustices that Japanese Americans faced during WWII to the public’s attention.

Takei became a successful actor, most well-known for his role as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on “Star Trek.” His appearance as a Japanese American on a TV show in the late 1960s broke down racial barriers and set a precedent for all future TV writers. He continues to use his “Star Trek” fame to not only promote racial equality, but LGBTQ equality as well. In 2005, Takei came out as gay, and has been an adamant public supporter of LGBTQ rights ever since. He attends pride parades, makes public posts across social media, and advocates for legal changes in support of gay marriage.

Takei is never afraid to stand his ground. He has accomplished so much despite the obstacles that he has faced, and what was in this article is not even half of the amazing things that he has done for this world. Most importantly, he helps millions of people have a brighter and happier day just by showing the best that this world has to offer on Facebook and Twitter.

So, for not only this week but for every week, our hero is Takei.

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