How to Be the Coolest WC Kid

By A Tribute To Zayn Malik

Life After 1D


There is still plenty of time to make your mark on WC’s campus. Here are a few ways to really stand out from the crowd.


Ride a Razor scooter/Heelys to class

By using these methods of transportation to get to class, everyone will want to be riding in style just like you. As you get closer to your destination, crowds of fellow students will be cheering you on, urging you to do tricks. Feel free to transition between the scooter or the Heelies depending on the day of the week.


Wear all camo all day, every day

By wearing all camo all the time, you’ll blend in perfectly with the surrounding nature WC’s campus has to offer. This is a great tactic if you are joinging in the fight against the squirrels. They’ll never know what’s coming.


Every time your professor asks a question, rise, and scream “THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST”.

Just because you have a voice. Let it be heard. No matter if the question is about how to construct a thesis statement or complex carbohydrates, this will always be the proper answer.


Go ahead. Take those last few Tater Tots.

Nevermind the person behind you who is in line for the third time hoping and praying there are tots to take. Sure, by taking those Tots, you may be stomping on their hopes and dreams, but you won’t be thinking about that as you are eating those delicious Tots of goodness.


Yak about all your complaints

Whether you’re sick of slow walkers or things just don’t seem to be going you’re way, take your complaints to Yik Yak. Bonus points if you complain about every single little thing that comes up that bothers you.


Notice: This article is a part of the annual April Fool’s edition.  None of the information in this article is true.







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