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By Chris Koch

Distribution Manager

This week The Elm’s Chris Koch sat down with softball player Trish Langley to talk about her experiences as a collegiate athlete and her thoughts on the team’s season thus far.

C: The softball team is a little over halfway through the season with a record of 9-13. What are your goals as you head into the final weeks?

T: As a team, our overall long-term goal as of now is to make it into the playoffs. We had a little bit of a slow start, but as conference play started, we picked it up and know that to get to play offs we have to achieve our short terms goals such as just winning each half inning, pushing across at least one run per inning.

C: What will be crucial as you guys try to make a playoff push?

T: To make it to the play-off push, we know we have to win. Of my three years here, we’ve always been a good team that performs even better under pressure. McDaniel has always been our overall rival that we play at the end of our conference season. Sweeping them or getting at least one win of double header is the most crucial of our upcoming games.

C: You made it to the NCAA tournament you freshman year after winning the conference. Could you talk about the experience a little bit?

T: The Conference Championship and NCAA tournament are both experiences I will never forget. Our NCAA bracket was played at Ithaca College in upstate New York, which was one of the nicest facilities I’ve ever payed on. Beating Utica in nine innings in the first round of the regional tournament was unreal. That’s when we really knew how much of a good team we really were, and we didn’t wanna stop. We lost a heart-breaker in the second round against Lebanon Valley in the bottom of the 7th on a walk off home run, and were eliminated against St. John Fischer in the semi-finals. Even though we lost, I would not have changed anything about that season.

C: What is your favorite part about being a collegiate athlete here at Washington College?

T: My favorite part about being a collegiate athlete at Washington College is the abundance of charisma and support not only the softball team shares, but every single athlete at Washington College shares. We are a great athletic school, and I feel each athlete appreciates the others hard work performed all year, both in and out of season. Personally, I love having such a small, compact student community where I have the ability to watch and cheer for my friends on all different sports teams. For example. I knew nothing about men’s or women’s lacrosse before I came here. Now its one of my favorite events to go to in my free time.

C: Do you have any pregame rituals?

T: We as a team have a ritual of laying in a circle, conducted by myself and Clare Hofstedt, before game time telling each other what we want you to achieve that day from that game. We also have the same team WAC cheer before every game. Each player has personal rituals or symbols of luck such as certain songs played in the locker room/ on the bus, or certain accessories worn during the game.

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