Rainy Days

By Kylie Hargrave

Elm Staff Writer


As everyone knows April showers bring May flowers. Despite how true this statement may be, it’s April and we surely have some more rain on the way. With rainy days comes a sense of lethargy for most. However, in between trudges to class and back to dorms there are definitely things to do to satisfy both the hibernation urge and/or a desire to do something productive or fun.

First would be to do homework. You probably don’t want to go outside anyway so rainy days are a great time to get homework assignments finished up. However, rainy days can be a time for something more fun and relaxing, such as taking a nap, binge watching Netflix, or even painting your nails. You could use this time for some spring cleaning to spruce up your dorm

Catch up on work or read book while waiting for laundry to finish up.

room and sort through junk from past semesters to clear up some more desk space. It would be a good time to get some laundry done if you’ll be in the dorm hall for a long time anyway. While waiting for the loads to finish, perhaps pick up a book and make some tea.

Not everybody likes to hunker down on rainy days though. So if you still feel like going out and doing something perhaps choose to not grudgingly go through the rain, but to experience and embrace it. You could strap on some rain boots and grab an umbrella for a walk around campus, through the graveyard, or even into town for a coffee at Play it Again, Sam. If you’re feeling very adventurous you could try and convince some friends to join you outside for an extra-soaking water gun or water balloon fight. For something else to do with friends, you could use one of the full kitchens in some of the dorm buildings and make yourselves a proper pancake breakfast to eat together while feeling extra cozy.

In the end, a rainy day can be a time of relaxation, productivity, or unique fun. No matter what find a way to enjoy the rain in whatever way you wish. For me personally I just like to revel in the fact that we no longer have to ask reluctant parents to go out and play in the rain.

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