The Shorts Charade

By Matt Ridge

Elm Staff Writer

With the way the weather has been the past two months, it’s been an actual worry for some that we were going to skip over spring temperatures and jump right in to summer. Thankfully, the time has come for men and women alike to break out their shorts and embrace the warmer temperatures. There are lots of different styles of shorts and choosing the right kind can be tricky. If you’re like me, you like to try and experiment with lots of different styles, so you’ll want to be sure you’re picking the best option. To keep it simple, I’m going to give two examples of short styles that are “in” and would be a good choice no matter the outfit and some examples of short styles you should never wear under any circumstance.

Chino shorts/khaki shorts are classic choices when it comes to spring and summer styles. They come in a wide variety of colors and are good for accommodating any outfit imaginable. Tan, khaki shorts are a staple that every guy should have in his wardrobe simply because they match everything. Navy blue chino shorts also go well with everything (except other blue things, of course). Other fun ways to broaden your style could be looking in to different colored chino and khaki shorts. Primary colors are very in style if you’re going for a preppy look, while deeper colors like plum or black make good evening wear options.

Above, Ridge models his chinos. Ridge says to ditch the cargos and go for chinos.

A new kind of short style this season is the drawstring short. Exactly as their name would suggest, the shorts are typically cut higher on the leg than most other options and have an elastic waist with drawstrings to pull them tighter to keep from falling down. While growing in popularity due to the funky patterns they can have, drawstring shorts are not for everyone. Know your limits, gentlemen. Not every guy should be showing so much leg, and they definitely shouldn’t be if they are a comparable length to that of your underwear.

As far as styles of shorts that you shouldn’t wear, there are really only two kinds you should stay away from. The first being pleated shorts simply because they look ridiculous on every body type. You can get the same level of sophistication from a simple pair of chino shorts, and they will look a lot better. My opinions of cargo shorts are strong and to the point: don’t wear them. I’ve said it before, but I know I need to say it again. You don’t need that many pockets. If you do you are either lying to yourself or need to re-evaluate your life choices. Chino shorts offer a much more appealing look and only sacrifice two of the pockets cargo shorts have. Do yourself and everyone a favor, get rid of those pockets and make the switch to chinos. You’ll thank me later.

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