Vegan Decor: The Lastest Vegan Room Fashions

By Meat Lover

Staff Carnivore


If you’re vegan like me it could be fun to add a vegan-friendly touch to decorating. To do this just fix up your room in some inventive and creative cruelty-free ways. Here’s some completely vegan safe ideas I thought of that will simply scream animal-lover to any and all who come in:


1. Many people like to hang up string lights around their rooms for decoration, but if you don’t need or want to add extra light and just want some animal-friendly décor to string about, making a ribbon of Slim Jims is a great way to go. Just run to the nearest grocery store and buy 20 or more slim jims, unwrap them, cut them into about two inch pieces and run a string through them all for a cheap and easy decoration to hang anywhere. Plus, you’re room will smell great after this.


2. Empty floors aren’t very inviting or comfy, so finding a soft rug to cover the floor is a great idea. One of the best options is sheepskin—they are super soft and classy. Plus, they have multiple purposes too. They could be used as an area rug, a cover for those dingy wooden desk chairs that could use the extra comfort, or even as bed sheet/a comforter. Honestly, you could use them practically anywhere for a nice cozy touch to your dorm.


3. Another way to make your room look and feel more cozy would be to decorate using sheets of leather. Just cut them up and use them to line your bookshelves or the insides of your drawers. You could also just use a square of leather as a placemat for your laptop and mouse. Your room will look incredibly sophisticated with this simple trick.


4. Also, Easter is right around the corner, so decorating for the season is a must. To get in the Easter spirit you could buy an egg dying kit and die a whole carton of eggs. Once the eggs are dyed, crack them and just simply throw the gooey mess out. Then smash up the multicolored shells and glue them to a piece of cardstock to frame and hang up for a colorful splash of Easter decoration, vegan style.


5. Now to really show your vegan spirit, it would always be a good idea to hang some animal friendly posters around the room. You could go with simple pictures of cute livestock animals or even get political with PETA posters. Either way, this would be an undeniable tribute to your animal friendly lifestyle to pair wonderfully with your newly decorated and completely cruelty-free room.


Notice: This article is a part of the annual April Fool’s edition.  None of the information in this article is true.

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