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Don’t forget to mark your calendars. Later this month on the April 24, actor Will Smith is set to return to Washington College. “Will is excited to return to Washington College and looks forward to visiting the building for which he lends his name,” according to a statement released by a representative of Smith.

William Smith Hall is named after actor Will Smith who plans to return to campus at the end of the month. Smith has some renovations planned for the building but hasn’t revealed the details.
William Smith Hall is named after actor Will Smith who plans to return to campus at the end of the month. Smith has some renovations planned for the building but hasn’t revealed the details.

As an actor well known for his work on the big screen and as a cast member of the popular television show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Smith’s return to WC is set to be eventful. The actor is expected to give a speech and elaborate on renovations he has planned for William Smith Hall. Details are still under wraps, but it has been suggested that the renovations may include changes to the Norman James Theatre, which may include its name being changed to the Jaden Smith Theatre.

In response to the generosity of Smith and his commitment to advancing the goals of College academics, the school’s drama department has unanimously decided to offer an exciting selection of Smith -focused classes starting in the fall 2015 semester. Many of the details are still in development. However, the College registrar can confirm that “DRA 377 Will Smith: Method Actor,” and “DRA 499 The Future of Acting: A Look Into the Life of Jaden Smith,” will be among the new courses offered.

Having spent a semester at WC in the early 90s, Smith holds an honorary degree from the College in drama. He was also responsible for a widespread backwards baseball cap trend.

After making his fortune in the film industry, Smith has since supported the College generously and seen one of the most frequented buildings on campus named in his honor.

William Smith Hall has had a difficult past which includes numerous fires and subsequent rebuilding. As it stands currently, the building houses numerous classrooms and offices throughout three stories and is an important location on campus.

The building is also adjoined by a 164-seat theatre used for a variety of purposes which include presentations, films, and lectures. The building is named in honor of Smith who has also indicated his intention to use it as a location in an upcoming film.

The film is rumored to be a sequel to the critically acclaimed “Independence Day.” The original film involved a desperate world-wide battle between humanity and a technologically advanced alien race. Initial reports suggest the sequel will once more involve an alien invasion which this time will be specifically targeted on the state of Maryland. “The Washington College campus will be a perfect location to film the initial invasion scenes, and with Michael Bay directing the movie,it is very possible that the entire campus will be blown up, which should be pretty great,” said one of the film producers.Smith3.byEmilyKlein

“I have a fond memory of Washington College and regret having spent so little time on such a beautiful campus. I am anxious to return and have all kinds of exciting ideas in store for William Smith Hall,” said Smith. While committed to remaining tight-lipped on his plans, if the actor’s likable personality is anything to go by, then April 24 is certain to be an exciting event.

For additional information regarding the event, make sure to visit the College website (warshcall.edu) and consult the olds section. The event will be open to WC students and to the public. No times have been set as of yet, so be sure to keep an eye out for additional information as it begins to roll out over the rest of the month.


Notice: This article is a part of the annual April Fool’s edition.  None of the information in this article is true.

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