Controversy Surrounds Immigration Reform

By Emily Moran

Elm Staff Writer 

While immigration reform has always been a contentious topic in the US, it has recently become a popular issue of discussion in numerous political debates.  Perhaps the catalyst for such a strong focus on this issuem is Donald Trump.  While his candidacy and goals were initially dismissed as ridiculous, Trump is currently leading in many polls throughout the nation. His goals for immigration reform are now being repeated by many other Republican presidential candidates.

As his campaign progresses and his poll numbers continue to rise, Trump’s plans for immigration reform are increasingly ludicrous.  Recently, he proposed a plan to get rid of birthright citizenship, a guaranteed right under the 14th Amendment in the US constitution.  Ironically, on Trump’s campaign website, this proposition is listed under the heading, “Defend the Laws and Constitution of the United States.”    Contrary to what Trump would like American voters to believe, the end of birthright citizenship is actually an attack on the Constitution and what it stands for.

Trump’s immigration rhetoric would have you believe that  illegal immigration into the US is quickly growing and is getting worse.  However, according to the Pew Research Center, “the number of undocumented Mexicans living in the US shrank by roughly 1.1 million.” Unfortunately, a large fraction of Trump’s target demographic consists of voters that typically get their news from biased sources. This type of ignorance has had a dangerous effect.  Recently, Trump’s views on immigration have been the motivation for many attacks (both verbal and physical) against Mexican Americans throughout the country.

The stigma against Mexican Americans is also becoming more harmful.  It has resulted in a radio host in Iowa, Jan Mickelson, suggesting that immigrants that refuse to leave should become, “an asset to the state,” i.e. slavery.  When accused of promoting the taking of undocumented immigrants as slaves, Mickelson replied, “Well, what’s wrong with slavery?”  It’s unfortunate and frightening that we have reached the point in human history where slavery is considered by some as a reasonable answer to immigration reform.  Even if immigration to the US was increasing very quickly, it is a blatant violation of human rights and our constitution to forcibly deport citizens of the US.

In addition to revoking birth right citizenship, Donald Trump has also proposed the creation of a massive border wall that would be financed by the Mexican government.
In addition to revoking birth right citizenship, Donald Trump has also proposed the creation of a massive border wall that would be financed by the Mexican government.

The elimination of birthright citizenship would undoubtedly have horrible consequences.  It could lead to the deportation of a large number Mexican Americans, many of whom have never lived anywhere outside of America.  A New York Times article, “American Children, Now Struggling to Adjust to Life in Mexico,” details the struggle that American children of Mexican immigrants have adjusting to Mexican schools, especially if they are not fluent in Spanish.  The article says that such drastic changes “are really traumatic for kids.”  Mexican American families, especially their children, should not be forced out of the country under the notion that they are not, “American enough.” It is incredibly cruel to force children through such a distressing change, especially when they are, by the simplest definition of the term, “American.” If one’s citizenship through right of birth can be invalidated for Mexican Americans, who’s to say that that wouldn’t be extended to other ethnic groups?

Regardless of one’s stance on immigration reform, one can agree that birthright citizenship is a necessary part of the US Constitution and central to what America values.  America is idealized as a melting pot where people from across the world come to find a better life.  The reality is quite different.  America is a country that was founded and colonized by immigrants. Throughout the country’s history there have been numerous policies blocking immigrants from Eastern Europe, Italy, and China.  Meanwhile, most of the entries into the U.S. were granted to immigrants from Northern/Western Europe.  Historically, restrictions on immigration have been based on xenophobia and misinformation about immigrants from various parts of the world.  The proposed elimination of birthright citizenship is no different.  As a nation we need to advance past the point of irrational fear of immigrants. It is this irrational fear that is the driving force behind the call to do away with birthright citizenship.  Bwefore a proper debate on immigration starts, voters need to educate themselves more on the subject before demanding that such an important part of the Constitution be eliminated.

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    Before you read my commentary I want to confront whatever the incompetent career politicians say about Donald Trump or Senator Ted Cruz. Our nation is in a big mess and it struggles to reach the surface economic success again? For me, my family especially my Democratic diehard Mother in Law who say she is voting for Mr. Trump. Whatever any High office Democratic or Republican has to remark about THE DONALD, it runs like water off a ducks back. And I affirm millions of American taxpayers see a flickering chance to end the status Que, who bow to their ‘K’ Street special interest. It’s no going to happen with Trump the man?

    Mr. Trump should instead of attempting to deport millions of people which would cost billions of dollars; there are two other things that can easily be accomplished? Even before the 2015 Presidential announcement and prior to Congress being back in session. Years back after the pilot program was introduced, it should not have been an optional E-Verify? Without any modest ceremony, before the Leftist media got their claws on the new immigration program and then maligning its value. The new auditing system known as E-Verify should have had a legislative upgrades from an elective E-Verify to MANDATORY E-Verify? Obvious to me there was a close association by the political hierarchy to keep E-Verify as a more or less an insignificant tool in seeking out illegal alien labor in the workplace? Poorly enforced and the larger mainstream of untrustworthy employers ignoring the regulation, where the rule of law is concerned, with no real enforcement penalties.

    I recognize it as elicit tactics behind closed door, a silent conspiracy so that employers get a slap on the hand, small fines and no penal confinement. This is absolutely why we must consider moving in a tough White House resident and then applying executive orders decisively, just as King Obama ineptly achieved. Obama’s executive actions were approved and now we have lax open borders, tying the hands of the US Border Patrol; only to process and then release millions of illegal aliens into our sovereign nation. Then all but noticed, along come criminal aliens that remain unidentified as they had committed their heinous crimes in foreign countries. Both parties had a hand in keeping E-Verify a voluntary tool. It is a waste of taxpayer money and time, when only honest employers comply with this regulation?

    E-Verify should be MANDATED by Washington, with enough ICE agents to cover the United States in there auditing duties. According to how many illegal workers are in an employer’s work place, he will face suspension of business license, harsh fines and a statutory prison term. The Leftist radical press will grab the headlines in the newspapers and employers will miss a heartbeat, knowing that prison awaits them. The US Chamber of Commerce is complicit beside corporation and thousands of businesses in optional enforcement of E-Verify. The lobbyists who pour into Capitol Hill like slime, will have no influence over Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz or a few other Presidential contenders? Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Speaker John Bruhner, Senator Harry Reid and many of the corrupt who sit in Congress, owe their allegiance to the wealthy Donors, who want their share of the profits from their puppets passing bad laws.

    As a second goal American taxpayers should demand a national ID card. Of course different organization would be yelling about privacy rights, but for years since the beginning of the digital age, nothing is sacred anymore. There are public records for just about everyone, except for a few that doesn’t bond with civilization–especially in America? The other day I ran a search on my self and stared in awe of what the data bases stored about me? There was stuff about my military service, my employment, university and other details. We no longer have any privacy, it’s a myth. It is extremely important we must consider a digital Social Security card.

    Americans, who think they enjoy their isolation from anybody, should realize there is no longer any privacy. The intuitive distaste for any form of laminated card is rejected out of our culture in which the system could act like authoritarian sentinel and demand ‘your papers please!’ Keeping personal information secret doesn’t exist any more? As I see it if you keep your nose clean, nobody in any government agency is going to harass you. This may seem to be the case, but since 9/11 the Patriot Act has been applied, and it seems everybody is under suspicion. Today’ invasiveness to government is now and forever under scrutiny, which is a sad situation but it must be so. We are today joined by the hip with the bursting power of the ever present present computer and database technology.

    If each American citizen or rightful immigrant carried a national infallible ID card, illegal immigration would be liquidated, saving billions of dollars in the process of benefits for ‘Anchor Babies’ and the connection to CHAIN MIGRATION. Carrying a Universal ID card to show a police officer or other security, would immediately identify that person when scanned with his/her pocket digital reader. Of course a permanent record is created of that check, including the time and your location? With ease the authorities would know who you are. It would be a perfect 100 percent foolproof card for voting, for leasing a car or any number of purposes, including checking a person’s immigration status.

    Once an illegal immigrant cannot acquire a job, they would be forced to start departing from the United States. Mandated E-Verify inspection and then the national ID card carried on the person is a requirement in the majority of developed nations. In America these two tools would save billions of dollars instead of Mr. Trump trying to amend the Birthright Citizenship law and even mass deportation. It would be slower solution instead of sending agents banging on doors. But roving ICE agents selecting in each county or parish, setting forth and engineering flash raids on unsuspecting employers with scrutiny of labor records—new hires or long time employees. Currently its new hires are checked) Illegal aliens will no longer be stealing jobs from Americans as employers will know the fate of staring through bars at a blank wall.

    King Obama has spent money like there is no tomorrow, as no President has done before. The Federation of American Immigration Reform has researched and identified that (mainly taxes) generated by the illegal migrants/ immigrant/ Overstayer’s subtracted the cost of taxpayer aid to those unlawful migrants. The aid includes education, subsidized housing, food stamps, tax credits, medical expenses. Overall, the report found illegal migrants cost taxpayers a total of $113 billion a year. The report then “accounts for taxes paid by illegal aliens [which is] about $13 billion a year, resulting in a net cost to taxpayers of about $100 billion.” Everybody who believes in the Rule of Law should read the Illegal Alien statistics for California. The Major Michael Andronivich for the County of Los Angeles who leave you stunned and depressed of the fiscal impact to support the now the new majority of illegal and legal immigrants in that state. It would unnerve you to know the yoke around the neck of hard working Angelino’s is $2.4 billion dollars annually—and that’s just one state?

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