Just A Gander:Let’s talk about relationships

By Kayla Kyle
Lifestyle Editor

Taking your first step onto Washington College’s intricate brick pathways is an exhilarating experience, and one of the most significant parts of that experience comes out of relationships. During that first year you spend a lot of time meeting new people, whether they are in your peer mentor group or in one of your classes, and it is exciting new relationships with these people. What is even more exciting is that some of these new relationships may even turn into something more.
Ah yes that’s right, new romantic relationships. What better place to find a new beau then at college, right? I mean college is a whole new pool of people to meet and get to know, so why not find a significant other? Yes, the idea of having someone special is very appealing, but while you are in a whirlwind of blinding love, you may not realize that you are jumping into a relationship too soon.
Your significant other should not be the first boy or girl you set eyes on. Yes, you are new to campus and may not know anybody. You may feel lonely and want to make friends or significant others as soon as you can, but, there is the possibility that you are jumping into the relationship without thinking. When relationships, especially romantic relationships start too soon, they can be pretty damaging.
Significant others are usually closer to you. They know what you like inside and outside the bedroom. They know your aspirations, your secrets, your childhood stories, and anything else you may tell them. They may even know what you are thinking or feeling at any given time. Therefore, when you jump into a relationship without really knowing whom you are dating, and you end up sharing a part of you with this person, it can be a really hard fall if it doesn’t work out. Maybe they try changing who you are. Maybe they are only using you. Maybe you want more out of the relationship than they do. You should know that you deserve so much more.
Yes, the boy across the room is some hot stuff, but a relationship goes so much deeper than looks. That hot stud-muffin may be someone that has nothing in common with you, and while you may say that staring into each other’s eyes is all you need, you will find that it will get boring in the long run. Even the first person that takes interest in you may not be suitable. Of course, it is always appealing when someone thinks you are hot stuff, but that type of admiration does not keep a relationship afloat. If anything, some of the best relationships come from being best friends first. Your significant other should be your best friend, your confidant, your lover, and your support system, and they will love who you are as a person. You have plenty of time to find someone, so wait around for that person that actually deserves your full attention.
People are complex and sometimes it takes time to find the right match for you whether it is a friend or significant other. For the time being, just enjoy meeting people and having the college experience. You have time to find the right person for you.

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