WC 16th in Country for Happiest Students

By Maggie Buterbaugh
Student Life Writer
By now, you have all seen or at least heard how “The Princeton Review” rated Washington College as one of the happiest campus in the US.
For new students, the fact that your new school is considered a happy place must be a relief. It also most likely gives your parents some peace of mind to know that they are sending you away to a positive environment.
For all of the returning students, it is no surprise that our WACky campus is known for satisfying students’ needs. Our interesting traditions such as May Day, War on the Shore, and Birthday Ball always bring smiles and excitement.
So, what makes WC so happy? Senior Barbara Fisher said, “I’m happy that the campus has a close-knit community. The students have great relationships with their professors. It’s easy to ask questions during class. Getting to know your professors on a personal and professional level helps students create useful connections for the future. The relationships you build with your professors are beneficial for both the student and professor. You collaborate and learn from each other.”
The academics are not the only thing that have students at WC smiling. Senior Aliya Merhi said, “The people here at WC are very welcoming. I’ve met a lot of really awesome people in the year that I’ve been here. It is definitely the people that make it such as great campus. Chestertown is also a beautiful location. It is a unique experience to live off the water.” Merhi also said that the opportunities for students to get involved on campus are phenomenal. Since joining the community, she has worked with SEB, SGA, The Elm, and “The Collegian.”  She has interned at the Lit House and worked as a Service Intern for OSA. She said, “There are a lot of leadership opportunities,” she said. You can be a part of anything you want.”
WC students also have fun socializing with friends, volunteering within the community of Chestertown, and expanding their overall world views. Senior Josh Hyde, a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, said, “Joining the fraternity was the best decision I made while at college. I’m really happy to be a part of such a close-knit community of really great people. I also really enjoy changing people minds about fraternity stereotypes.” Hyde also said, “The campus has really interesting speeches and entertainment throughout the year, such as magic and music shows.”
From being with friends to becoming a part of campus activities, there are countless reasons why WC students are smiling.

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