A Goose and A Gander

By Amanda Gabriel and Dan Teano

Elm Staff Writers

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to decide on costumes, but more specifically on couples costumes. Are you and your significant other going to be Cinderella and Prince Charming or are you going to dress up independently? Let’s see what Amanda and Dan have to say about couples costumes.

Amanda says… Halloween is approaching, which means that the question of “what are you going to be this year?” is lurking in the shadows. For some, Halloween is one of the most exciting events of the year, but for others, they may feel the same about dressing up as they do toward the old lady down the block who hands out raisins and pencils. I have heard numerous opinions on couple costumes that fall under both categories. Some couples cannot wait to transform into Ariel and Prince Eric, while others avoid the topic all together. If you’re still on the fence about which way to lean with your significant other, here are some pros and cons.

Dressing up in matching outfits can be adorable. Let’s face it, couples love being told they look cute together whether they admit it or not, and if the outfits turn out right, they are going to have a trendy new Facebook profile picture for months. There are definitely some great ideas out there that you and your partner can rock together such as a firefighter and a Dalmatian, Gatsby and Daisy, and Anchorman and Veronica. However, you and your significant other may run the risk of costume clichés and overused ideas if you’re not careful.

Nowadays, it’s hard to come up with your own original outfits because almost everything has been done before. If you’re not worried about costumes that have already been used, go for it. I still believe that, if they are done correctly, people will be talking about how amazing you and your partner look all night long.

On the other hand, couple costumes can turn out to be a terrible idea. For every great costume, there’s a horrendous costume that exists, such as the classic plug and socket, Adam and Eve, and Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. First of all, a costume that plugs into another was never a good idea. All it does is create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Adam and Eve costumes fall under this category as well.

Just because it’s Halloween, it doesn’t mean you get to prance around the room with only a shredded leaf to cover up. No matter how good you think you look, no one wants or needs to see all that. Besides being awkward, if you choose to dress up as say, a lightning rod and a person struck by lightning, you must stay attached at the hip the entire night so that people understand your costume. If you think you’ll be able to pull this off, try it out, but if you’re planning on splitting up halfway through the night, try independent costumes.

If you’re going to tackle the couple costumes this Halloween, make sure that it is a decent idea, not too overdone, and that people will understand it if one of you has to leave to go to the bathroom. I believe that if your outfits meet these criteria, you and your significant other should definitely do it4512 this year. If you’re still not convinced, then dress up in your own creative costumes. Just because you both don’t match, that doesn’t mean you two are going to have any less of a good time. The truly important thing to remember is to stay safe and have fun.

Dan says… Imagine you’re at a party, grooving off a sugar high induced by candy corn. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a hairy, beast-like figure accompanied by an elegant princess, and you immediately ask yourself, “Which one of them got trapped into wearing a couple costume?”

Dressing to impress can go one of two ways. Either you show up looking like the main event or you end up being the laughing stock of the party. Especially in the decorative Halloween season, more people run the risk of wearing a costume that only gives an embarrassingly comical impression. Naturally, those in a relationship are the most vulnerable. Although a couple can effortlessly get by with a matching bracelet, complementary Halloween costumes are highly susceptible to criticism. When it comes to putting on polka dotted Minnie Mouse ears to match Mickey, consider that for every pro, there is an underlying con.

As proved in most Western cinemas, nothing is more powerful than a dynamic duo–Batman and Robin, Thing One and Thing Two, and above all, soda and buttered popcorn. When Cinderella is beside her Prince Charming, the two are complete. As a result, the couple looks dashing, attractive, and nearly untouchable. That being said, as with Sonny and Cher, couple costumes have their fair share of problems.

For one, it’s not very likely that both partners will be equally excited to have a couple costume. Usually, the idea is spearheaded by one who passes along the info to their significant other. Moreover, it is not reasonable to assume that the other partner is completely on board with your costume suggestions. Tension and disagreement may arise due to this discrepancy.

Secondly, not all couple costumes are equal. The one who proposes the idea of a couple costume may select the more flashy, dominant, and recognizable figure. For instance, if a girl were to come up with an idea, she would most likely choose to be Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” leave her partner to be the beast. On the other hand, if the guy had the original idea, then he might choose to be Ash Catche’m from Pokemon, giving his partner no choice but to dress up as Pikachu. Apart from each other’s dignity, there are other social implications that might dissuade either partner from picking out a couple costume. If you two are at a party, you might feel pressured to never once leave each other’s side. Though this might sound like part of Prince Charming’s romantic agenda, over attachment can be suffocating and ultimately detrimental to the relationship as a whole.

Finally, if there is another couple in the room dressed to complement each other, then you and the other couple will be in direct competition with one another. Although it may not be intentional or even serious, if Spiderman and Mary Jane spot Superman and Lois Lane, it is inevitable that there will be an unspoken contest.

With all this in mind, one can now carefully consider whether a couple costume is the best outfit for Halloween night. As with all relationship issues, communication should be at the very center of this decision. If one partner feels more inclined than the other, then he or she should understand the other’s position. Otherwise, one of you might subtly unleash your anger on Halloween night, and you two will accidentally become “Beauty and the Beast.”

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