Men’s Lax Captains Announced

By Pat Mariboe

Senior Writer

Washington College men’s lacrosse recently elected three players to captain the team for the upcoming season. Senior midfielder Andrew Docktor, senior midfielder David McBrien, and senior defenseman Bradley Wollman will serve as team captains for the 2016 season. The new captains are looking to motivate their teammates and get prepared for the spring. The Shoremen, who finished last season with a 5-3 record in the Centennial Conference, and 6-10 overall, are eager to make up for an unexpected campaign last year and get back to their winning ways. Wollman is ready for this opportunity to really be a presence in the locker room and on the field.

“I’ve always been a motivated individual on the team, but as a captain there is definitely a greater motivation to lead by example especially because the other guys look to not only captains but the senior group for leadership and if we look like we are taking it easy other guys will follow suit,” said Wollman. “So as captain, it definitely adds to my work ethic to get other guys to want to push themselves harder to achieve success this season.”

McBrien also shares the same kind of motivation and prowess to fill that leadership role and do his best to prepare for the season.

Senior captains (from left to right) David McBrien, Bradley Wollman, and Andrew Dockter.
Senior captains (from left to right) David McBrien, Bradley Wollman, and Andrew Dockter.

“Being named captain motivates me to work as hard as I possibly can this offseason for the 2016 season,” said McBrien. “Since I am in a leadership role, I know if I work as hard as I can, then the rest of the team will follow and put in the necessary work. Also, being named captain motivates me to influence the team to have a ‘grinder’ mentality, which is something I believe we needed to have more of last year.”

Despite finishing 6-10 last season, the team managed to put an impressive four game win streak together against CC opponents McDaniel, Haverford, Franklin & Marshall, and Muhlenberg. Even though 6-10 is by no means a poor record, the men’s lacrosse team has been held at a high standard for the past several years, finishing 18-2 in 2014, 13-5 in 2013, and 11-6 in 2012. Wollman and the rest of the team look to get back to a winning record soon.

“The team so far has really been pushing themselves to be better so that we are all faster and stronger this offseason and I think this should help carry over not only in an athletic sense, but also in a mental sense that nobody on this team is going to fold under pressure if a game turns into a close one,” said Wollman. “I think that the team this year looks good so far and that we have a lot of young talent and other guys stepping into new roles that can help lead us to success this season, so I’m hoping that the work that we have been putting in continues and hopefully translates into a good season this year.”

McBrien is happy with the improvement the team has already shown so far since last season and credits the team’s tenacity to strive towards their goals this season.

“The team has put in and will continue to put in a tremendous amount of work in the off season to prepare for the 2016 season,” said McBrien. “From 6 a.m. lifts three times a week, speed and agility twice a week, and captain’s practices twice a week, I believe we are taking the necessary steps to succeed. I expect us to have a very successful season in 2016 because the team is filled with players that want to work and want to be better. Every person on the team is determined and focused to be better lacrosse players and are willing to put in the necessary work.”

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