The ‘70s are Back

By Sarah Mann

Elm Staff Writer

The clean-cut, classic looks of the ‘50s and ‘60s have had their time in the spotlight the past couple years with the resurgence of skinny jeans and high-waisted everything. This year, trends are taking a turn towards the more interesting territory of the 1970s, a decade in which individuality and nonconformity governed the fashion choices made by the young and stylish. Yes, sometimes this meant the clothes were ugly by all conventional standards, but what’s the fun in wearing only “attractive” clothes all the time anyway?

Here I’ve conveniently outlined some of the major trends of the decade that designers have deemed “in” again. A couple of these items of clothing, mixed in with your regular wardrobe, will help you update your closet for fall.

Let’s start with the most obvious: huge flare jeans. You probably haven’t worn these since middle school, but try to stop associating them with Limited Too, and remember the iconic ‘70s rock stars who originally wore them. For a true ‘70s laid-back look, you could try wearing them with a neat striped sweater and a pair of Converse. If you want to wear them out at night, try a crop top, especially one with a deep V (another fall trend), and shoes with a platform heel.

Mary Gellen, a visitor to WC, sports the iconic ‘70s deep V neckline.
Mary Gellen, a visitor to WC, sports the iconic ‘70s deep V neckline.

That brings us to our next trend: the deep V neckline. This includes wrap tops, dresses, bodysuits, and halter-tops. Which can be worn with flares, as suggested above, or any of the skirts that are probably already in your closet. A dress version means a complete outfit is already put together for you.

Of course, we can’t forget platforms. Platforms come in every variety: sandals, for when you’re dressing up, clogs, or ankle boots for everyday (and colder weather). These go perfectly with flares (especially if they’re on the longer side), straight-leg pants, or dresses and skirts with tights now that we’re starting to feel that fall weather.

Another article of clothing that we’ve been seeing a lot of in the past few years is the big floppy hat. These are an easy way to make any outfit a bit more stylish. Try one in a dark color, like wine or navy, or a neutral like gray, black, or beige.

Bonus category: ‘70s inspired athletic wear. I’m talking about simple crew neck shirts and sweaters with stripes in bright colors. These are always fun (if a little kitschy), super easy, and comfortable to wear. Try a ringer tee or athletic-striped sweater in primary colors. These are perfect for a lazy Sunday or Monday. For extra credit, look for something in our school colors, since this trend already has a sort of varsity nostalgia to it anyway.

As we all know, trends can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, so don’t be afraid to try the pieces that appeal to you while leaving the others behind. Maybe you want your style to lean toward a trendier look versus a classic one, or you prefer staying comfy rather than dressing up. No matter what the case may be, there’s a way to make the ‘70s trend work for you.

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