Women’s Soccer Runs for a Teal Cause

By Pat Mariboe

Elm Staff Writer

While the athletic programs at Washington College are often commended for their performance on the field, things that happen off the field are ones that are scarcely talked about. Several of the teams here at WC participate in philanthropic events to help raise money for their cause. Last year, the men’s lacrosse team helped raise $50,000 to rename their locker room after a long time Shoremen superfan, Charlie Moloney, passed away. The women’s lacrosse team also ran more than 1 million yards during their preseason last year to help raise awareness for a women’s lacrosse player from the University of Virgina, Yeardley Love ,who lost her life in a domestic abuse case. This year, the women’s soccer team participated in a charity run to raise funds and awareness for ovarian cancer.

“Something that is really important to our team is our team cause, which this year is the battle against ovarian cancer,” said sophomore Sydney Rossetti. “Someone on our team has lost a loved one to ovarian cancer, and we all feel that it is a worthy and wonderful cause. The event that we attended was the Central Maryland Chapter 6th Annual 5K/3K Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer. It took place on Sunday, Sept. 20th at the Annapolis Mall.”

Senior Bailey Howard, who helped with the inception of the event, holds this cause particularly close to her heart.

“Our team adopted this cause last year because I had an aunt who lost the battle to ovarian cancer in March of 2014,” said Howard. “We wanted to raise money and awareness for the cause which we did by holding a fundraiser in the spring of 2015. The event was sponsored by the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) Maryland Chapter at the Westfield Annapolis Mall. So far, our team has raised a little under $1,000 for the cause, but we’re hoping to raise that on Oct. 21 during our Teal Out game. However, we also wanted to make our philanthropy efforts more personal so we decided to volunteer at the 5k Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer so that we could meet survivors and personally help out.”

When it came to the actual event, the team, and Head Coach Kerry Smith, felt humbled and appreciative of the people they met during the charity run. The project that had been planning for nearly a year certainly paid off.

“As a whole, the event had a very celebratory yet somber atmosphere,” said Rossetti. “Each person that we met had had their lives irrevocably changed by this disease, some having beaten the disease themselves, others there to honor the memory of someone that they had lost. It was a fantastically inspirational event that we were all honored to have been a part of to support it.”

As successful as the event was, the team is pushing their philanthropic message even futher with other events scheduled for this month.

“Our philanthropy committee is always working on finding more events, and we are scheduled to volunteer at a triathlon this Sunday, Oct. 4 in Rock Hall,” said Rossetti. “Hopefully the weather cooperates.”

“Our final event for our philanthropy is our Teal Out game on Oct. 21 at 7 p.m.  vs. Ursinus College,” said Howard. “We’re hoping to raise some money and awareness there.”

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