Club Spotlight: Improv Club

By Sabrina Carroll
Student Life Editor
It takes an incredible amount of talent and guts to come up with your own performance material on the spot. The members of Washington College’s Improv Club all have this talent, and they share it with the campus at multiple events throughout the year.
Being a part of the Improv Club means having a laugh, discovering more about yourself, and making new friends.
“The WC improv troupe is a group of people dedicated to finding new and exciting ways to make themselves look stupid,” said junior Monica Linnell. “We all devote a good chunk of our time to honing our craft so that we can bring some laughter to the campus. It’s really a kind, welcoming group of people who just want to share a laugh.”
Junior and Co-President Alex Roberts believes that being a part of Improv Club has enriched his experience here at WC.
“Being a part of Improv Club has made my life at WC much more exciting,” he said. “Going to rehearsals and doing shows are always extremely fun and extremely rewarding. Also, since becoming co-president of the club, I have also noticed my leadership skills developing and becoming more substantial.”
Sophomore Connor Lugo-Harris has been doing improv since high school, and his participation in it at WC has been nothing short of excellent.
“Improv has always been one of my favorite ways to express myself,” he said. “After a long week, it’s such a great stress reliever to head to an improv rehearsal, whether that’s at Varsity Improv practice, or at the open sessions we do Wednesdays and Sundays.”
Linnell agreed with Roberts and Lugo-Harris.

Pictured on the left are a few Improv Club members posing at a show. On the right, senior Drew Beardmore performs during a set, surrounded by other club members. Be sure to check out a show during the spring semester as there will be two every other weekend.
Pictured, a few Improv Club members posing at a show.
Senior Drew Beardmore performs during a set, surrounded by other club members. Be sure to check out a show during the spring semester as there will be two every other weekend.

She said, “Being a member of the improv troupe here on campus has given me so many happy, goofy memories. To me, Improv is all about setting your ego aside and working together with your scene partners to create something amazing together. It’s a wonderful reminder not to take yourself too seriously.”
Many people may believe that the purpose of being in the Improv Club is to be funny on the spot, but the humor actually comes along naturally in the performance.
Roberts said, “One big challenge with the Improv Club is convincing improvers that it is not their job to be funny. Their job is to contribute to their scene, and the humor will come as a result of this. Many people enter scenes with the thought ‘I have to make sure this is funny,’ and this will distract them and bring down their performance. It should be noted that I am no exception – none of us are. It’s a constant thing that we monitor and try to correct.”
During the Improv Club’s sessions, though, humor is a result that comes naturally most of the time.
Students love to have a laugh as much as the club loves to make them. “We are asked to perform at various events on campus because people like to watch us perform,” Roberts said. “Knowing that we provide this sense of entertainment for the campus is awesome, and I think it is one of the many reasons many of us continue to stay involved in the club.”
The Improv Club has a busy rest of the semester and spring semester ahead. The group had a 40-minute set on the Campus Green at Fall Fest and is performing during Comedy Week at the “Whose Line Is It Anyway” show on Nov. 12.
During the spring semester, the Improv Club will have two shows every other weekend. Keep an eye out for flyers and emails regarding dates and times. If you’re in the mood to laugh, you should definitely consider attending a show.

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