Goose Nation Live

By Andrew Chirico
Senior Writer

In 2012, the Washington College Athletics Communications Department first launched Goose Nation TV, the home of live streaming of all home WC athletic events. Goose Nation TV provides live footage in high definition and audio commentary for eight sports along with audio-only broadcasts for two sports.
Phil Ticknor, assistant to the Athletic Director for Communications & Academic Support, had a huge contribution in developing the program. The main motive behind this was to keep up with other schools who were starting to offer live-streams.
“Before we started Goose Nation TV, there were a handful of our competitors live-streaming to different degrees. We did not want to fall behind,” said Ticknor. “Knowing we had a dedicated and talented play-by-play announcer in Conner Fleegle, we decided early on that top-notch play-by-play would be our differentiator.”
Fans are able to stream games on their computers or mobile devices. This provides a big convenience to people who are unable to attend certain home athletic events. The platform offers the options of live-video and audio, or just audio. Being able to choose between these two options allows for fans to have flexibility in where and how they want to use Goose Nation TV.

Conner Fleegle
Conner Fleegle

Fleegle, athletics broadcasting coordinator, believes access to fans is a huge factor in the most recent success of Goose Nation TV.
“The fact that the games can be streamed off of any device I think is huge, especially for parents who might have to do things such as work or travel while their kids are playing,” said Fleegle. “Being able to do things like watch the games from their office or listen to the game through their phone while they’re on the road, hands free, of course, is very convenient and a really nice feature.”
With that, viewership has seen an increase every year. The steady growth has gotten so large that views on the broadcast tend to be larger than attendance numbers.
“Our growth has been steady, usually with viewership and listenership increases of 25% or more year over year. We’re reaching the tipping point where total viewers and listeners will soon outpace in-person attendance on an annual basis,” said Ticknor. “ Our webcast numbers already beat our attendance numbers for each event more often than not – it’s just a handful of really well-attended games that slightly tip the scales in the other direction.”
Thus far, fans have greatly enjoyed being able to stream games from wherever they are. Fleegle has been approached by several fans about the great work Goose Nation TV has produced.
“I sometimes still don’t know how to react when a parent comes up to me and says, ‘I’m so and so’s mom or dad, and I just had to come tell you what an incredible job you do on the broadcasts, and it really helps us feel like we’re there at the game, even though we’re not, and it’s just great,” said Fleegle. “I love it, and it gives me more validation that people watch and listen and enjoy what I do, and that I must be doing something right.”
Fleegle hopes to continue the upward trend of the live broadcasts provided to the public and greatly appreciates the support.
“So, to all of our athletes, athletics staff, parents, and fans who watch our broadcasts on Goose Nation TV, all I have to say is this: Thank you for the support.” said Fleegle.

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