Knopsnyder Wraps Up Comedy Week with Laughs

By Leslie Collins

On Friday, Nov. 13 comedian Derrick Knopsnyder made an appearance on campus as part of Comedy Week and dazzled students with his humor. There were multiple events for Comedy Week throughout the week, and Knopsynder wrapped everything up with his show. Knopsnyder has been doing stand-up comedy since 2010. He has performed at other colleges and venues with other recognizable comedians such as Bo Burnham, Dave Coulier, and John Reep.

Senior Shauna Brouder explained exactly how she and the Student Events Board (SEB) managed to bring such a big-name comedian to Washington College. She said, “In getting the comedian to campus, we first go through one of our agents to see who is available in our price range. Then, after watching what seems like hours of YouTube videos, we decide on a select few and start contacting their agents to see if they’re available for the date and time we need. When I saw Derrick’s video at Nick Spicer’s suggestion, I loved him instantly, and knew we had to get him on campus. He was the kind of comedian that WC would find funny.”

The rest of the week was a big project for the SEB to put together. Brouder said, “As for the whole week, it is seriously a group effort.” Every member of SEB is crucial from advertising to the smooth execution of events. Without their support none of these events would have been possible. The most difficult part of this job is the advertising and getting people aware that events are happening. After that, as long as there is a solid plan in place, the rest is easy.”

It must have been a solid plan indeed. At every event the audience was laughing and truly enjoying themselves.

On Friday night, before Knopsnyder began his act, junior Alex Roberts took the stage. Roberts won the Comedy Competition in the Goosenest earlier that week. His prize was being the opening act for a professional comedian. The audience reacted warmly to his routine as he moved from poking fun at the school’s WiFi to wondering about the use of swear words to making fun of his own parents, who were sitting in the front row. His parents were good sports about it and laughed along with everyone else.

Knopsnyder did a fine job interacting with the audience. Half of his performance consisted of conversations with people sitting down. He asked many questions in between his casual stories and was very welcoming of the things audience members wanted to say. He even managed to make a jab at Salisbury, saying, “Wow, you guys are so smart! Not like those guys over at Salisbury.”

Knopsnyder took a similar route with his performance. He made fun of the number of signs WC has on campus and talked about how much he loves Maryland. He also toldeveral interesting tales from his childhood and recent travels.

Some still had critical things to say about the performer. Freshman Rachael Walloga said, “He was definitely funny, but his sexism pissed me off.”

Freshman Myssa Abusin said, “It was entertaining but a little sexist.”

Another critique was that Knopsnyder was scattered with his delivery. Abussin said, “He was all over the place with what he was saying, but it was still funny. I liked that he involved the audience a lot.”


Despite critiques, Brouder was pleased with the evening. She said, “As for Derrick’s performance I thought went extremely well, and Alex was a great as well. All in all it was amazing and I was super happy and proud of everyone involved.”

In its entirety, Knopsnyder’s performance was a way to end Comedy Week on a high note.

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