Winter is Coming. Avoid the Cold in Style

By: Sarah Mann

It can be hard to put together good outfits once it starts to get cold out. You have to cover as much skin as possible from the wind, and even if you figure out your outfit, then you have to cover it with a scarf and coat. Try these tips to be stylish and warm for winter.

Coats and Jackets

As we all know, these items are lifesavers when we have to walk to class and it’s freezing and possibly snowing. My advice is to find a coat you really like because you’ll probably wear that more than any other article of clothing in your closet over the fall and winter seasons. You can find some good lighter jackets at the thrift or consignment store—I really like denim or varsity styles. If you wear these when it’s cold out you’re still definitely going to want to layer it with a sweater or sweatshirt (see next section). For a serious winter jacket though, I’m all about those puffy marshmallow coats that we all had at some point when we were younger. Just look at Drake in the Hotline Bling video. You can get these for pretty cheap at Old Navy, especially if you wait for a sale. If you want the ultimate selection or are looking for a specific color, try Uniqlo’s website. It has them all.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts

For the next layer, sweaters and sweatshirts are obviously important for cold weather. Personally, I think sweaters are way better than sweatshirts—there are just so many more options—but you could always throw on some Washington College gear. With sweaters, you can go for a cardigan, a big or cropped sweater, a turtleneck, etc. in all patterns. You can pretty much get any kind you want at Goodwill. This winter I really like huge turtlenecks (again, see Hotline Bling) or cropped sweaters with skirts.


Pants are important because if you don’t wear pants your legs will definitely freeze. The trend right now is to leave behind leggings and skinny jeans for looser styles. This trend bodes well for us here because the looser pants tend to be made of thicker fabric and are therefore warmer. Also, if it is extremely cold, there is enough room to wear tights or leggings underneath. Another great thing is that you can find a lot of these kinds of jeans at Goodwill if you’re willing to spend time looking through and trying them on.

If you prefer to wear skirts or dresses even when it’s cold out, my biggest tip is buying a pair of fleece-lined leggings. They’re opaque and not as cute or interesting as some other tights, but when it’s really cold out, plain black goes with everything. They’re easy to find online, so I would just Google them and look for the cheapest pair. You can’t really go wrong with these. They’re so warm and comfy.


Finally, the right shoes and socks can go a long way in staying warm (and stylish). Boots are the most obvious option, but you can also wear classic Doc Martens and Timberlands, which are probably two of the warmest and most durable but also stylish options. They are expensive, but you can wear them all winter and will probably have them for years. If you’re just not into boots there are other options like high top sneakers from Vans. These are significantly less expensive, and the classic black and white Sk8 Hi shoes look good and are thick enough to be warm. Just don’t forget the socks. The more layers of colorful socks you have, the better. Definitely stock up on at least a few pairs of the thickest wool socks you can find at Target.

I hope these tips helped you to get ready for the colder weather. Preparation is the best defense.

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