Editor-in-Chief Says Goodbye

By The Elm - Apr 28,2016@2:45 pm

Emma Way, Cat Righter, Mitchell Sayers and Brian Klose

The Elm was more than just a job for me. I made life-long friends. From left to right, top row: Emma Way and Cat Righter; bottom row: Mitchell Sayers and Brian Klose.

By Emma Way
Outgoing Editor-in-Chief
To get into the Sears Publishing House, or the Pub House, you first have to jimmy your way in the door and wiggle the key around the rusty keyhole until there’s a click. Then you turn the knob carefully so it won’t fall off and enter. I was running late for my first Elm meeting, and after fumbling with the doorknob, I walked in with a pen tucked behind my ear (more for show than practicality) and decided that one day I’d be running the place. I eventually achieved that goal because I’m stubborn and care about The Elm as if it was my child, effectively making the Pub House my second home.
Here, I grew as a writer, a reporter, and  a listener. I have so many people to thank at The Elm from my four years on staff. First, I’d like to thank the staff that came before me because they made my job as EIC exponentially easier.
To Natalie Butz, class of 2012, for creating The Elm’s staff manual. I’ve never met you, but I’m so thankful for all your hard work. To Meaghan Clearwood, class of 2013, for being my first Editor-in-Chief and for giving me bountiful opportunities to grow as a reporter. You helped shape my image of what it takes to be a great EIC.
To Kay Wicker, class of 2014, for giving me the encouragement I needed to become the EIC. To Paige Kube, class of 2015, for being a great friend and professional partner. I have thoroughly enjoyed following in your footsteps, and they were pretty big shoes to fill. To junior and rising EIC Cat Righter, thank you for being an exceptional news editor two years in a row and for being a great friend. I have no doubt that you will be an amazing EIC.
Thank you to the rest of the best staff I could ever ask for: Molly, Kayla, Nick, Brian, Hailey, Sabrina, Brooke, Allison, Meaghan, Rhea, and all of the other writers, photographers, videographers, and bloggers. Thank you to Dan from the Kent County News who stepped up as our advisor this semester. Thanks for the field trips, the laughs, and copy edits galore.
Thank you to Melissa for being more than just an Elm advisor. Thank you for being my life mentor and biggest cheerleader. Thanks for believing in me from day one.
Finally, thank you to the Washington College community for reading. Without you we wouldn’t exist.
Thank you.

The Elm

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