By Brian Klose
Opinion Editor

This issue’s hero of the week is none other than America’s favorite cool grandpa, Vice President Joe Biden. Following Donald Trump’s election win, some on the internet sought to find solace for the fact that the election didn’t go their way. In true internet fashion, people turned to memes to soften the blow. And what better subject than Biden?
The fun-loving VP of the past eight years has inspired countless memes covering his wonderful relationship with President Barrack Obama and his overall joyful, and sometimes goofy behavior. obama-joe-biden-memes-violent-behavior
The latest trend in Biden memes takes the following structure: Biden, preparing for Trump’s arrival, wants to prank the incoming president-elect. Obama says no. Joe resists.
What makes these memes special is not their necessarily their content, but their utility. With the election of the controversial Trump, tension and division throughout the country has reached an all-time high. One of the best ways to combat this understandable period of tension is through humor, especially short, topical bits of silliness that both parody the issues of today and reminisce the relatively simpler, happier times.
We’ll miss Joe Biden and we’ll miss Barrack Obama. More importantly, though, we’ll miss Barrack and Joe, the most loving bro-mance ever conceived on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Certainly it is one that will not be mirrored by the incoming administration. I doubt neither Mike Pence nor Trump will let themselves take it that far.

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In case you have missed it

In case you have missed it