Fling Through Spring

By Seamus Casey
Elm Staff Writer

Transitioning into any new situation, whether it be a new semester, job, or any new environment, can be extremely difficult even to the most resilient individuals. There are countless articles by Forbes, Business Insider, and other news outlets, that describe the ability to change as a common characteristc shared amongst top entrepreneurs. Though Washington College is small, it is academically competitive and can be socially intimidating. Students should remind themselves not to burden their minds with the overwhelming pressure to succeed. Even Rome was not built in one day; the same principle applies for WC students in their academic success.
There are several major points to keep in mind while transitioning into the spring semester. One important core value is to stay positive. When someone is in a new, frightening situation, it is vital to remain calm and try hard to adapt to the situation. Do not ignore the anxiety because this will just double the amount of stress. Most successful people take all the emotions and stresses of their days then transmute it into a positive energy for their work, whether it be financial, academic, or social activity.
Drawing from personal experience, I know of such an individual who grew up in a very bleak environment and now is a multi-millionaire. Ben Lewis, Inc. run by Ben Lewis, is the company with which I am currently employed. Ben Lewis came from a poor family and his father died at age 13. When his father passed away, Lewis was left with only 13 dollars in his pocket. Lewis then traveled to D.C. to learn from the local plumbers. From there, he built on his work experience every day to progress his future so his children would not live such a bleak life. Today, Lewis retains 60% of his name-brand company, and is retired on a ranch in the hills of Pennsylvania.
If all students could live to such an example, they could find that transitioning from recreation at home to a competitive school environment is not as hard as it looks.

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