Honor Board Opens for Applications

By Jilly Horaneck
Elm Staff Writer

Within the next few weeks, the Honor Board at Washington College will be going through its application process for new members. The Honor Board is made up of nine students and six faculty members who work alongside a representative from the Student Affairs office and a representative from the Provost’s Office.
The Honor Board is responsible for making sure the Honor Code is followed. Senior and 2016-17 Honor Board Chairperson Maddie Farlow said, “The direct Honor Board’s purpose is to hear cases of alleged violations of the Honor Code. These cases include both social and academic Honor Code violations and the panel, made of faculty and students, determine whether a student is found responsible for a violation of the Honor Code. If the student is found responsible, the Honor Board also determines the sanctions of the student.”
If a student is called before the Honor Board, they go to a meeting of their peers and advisors. There, the Honor Board determines if they violated the Honor Code, and what the consequences will be.
To apply for a position on the Honor Board, first students are asked to fill out an application that contains a resume. Applications should be typed and placed in the Honor Board Chair mailbox outside of the SGA office by 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 11, 2017. Then, they attend an interview with the review board of the Student Government Association. Once a student becomes part of the Honor Board, they receive proper training for the position. Applying to and serving on the Honor Board requires the student to be in good judicial standing with the college.
“Being on the Honor Board is a tough task, but it has been a rewarding process. An Honor Board hearing can be a powerful motivator for students to make positive changes in their lives.While the Honor Board members want to improve the lives of students, it is also a crucial part of holding the WwwC community to the highest of standards so that all students can live and faculty and staff can work in a place that they are proud of,” said Farlow.
Farlow has found that being an Honor Board member was an enriching experience here.
“Being on the Honor Board has been a very rewarding experience for me as the chair and also as a panelist. I would think that faculty and student panelists would all agree that the purpose of having the Honor Code and the Honor Board is to help the students at WC. The Honor Code itself sets a standard for the community as it was put into place to encourage students to achieve to their highest of abilities in honest academics, and ask students to live in the highest of standards in the way they socially conduct themselves.”

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