DIY: Hanging Storage

By Mary Sprague
Elm Staff Writer

With tiny dorm rooms and intensely limited space, storage can often be an issue for college students. Possessions pile up on desks and floors, and knick knacks get lost in the shuffle. Conventional solutions can quickly become expensive, but there are simple, more cost-effective alternatives that are both readily available and easy to execute.
One well-known way to make use of wall space for storage is Command Hooks, or similar products. In addition to their traditional uses as coat or hat hangers, these handy hooks can be used in a variety of ways like hanging up phone chargers, headphones, bags, rings, or necklaces.
Attaching a pole or an upside-down coat hanger between two Command Hooks makes for more accessible hanging space. Items can be hung across or from the flat end of the hanger, and the hanger’s hook provides for an additional layer of space. Sunglasses or high-heeled shoes can be stored between the hanger and the wall by putting the heel of the shoe or the frame of the sunglasses over the flat end. Clothes pins can also be used to clip papers, scarves, calendars, or snack bags to the hanger. Attaching shower rings to a right-side-up coat hanger also provides easy storage for scarves.
Buckets can then be hung up to provide additional storage for household items. The same effect can be produced by taping a loop of twine or string to each end of a small cardboard box. Additionally, these buckets or boxes can be used as practical bed-side containers for lofted beds.
More bed-side containers include attaching cups, boxes, or mugs to the frame of a lofted bed with painter’s tape, clamps, or other easily cleanable tapes. This provides easy storage for glasses, hair ties, or charging phones.
One common problem most college students have is drying space. If one is looking to save money on laundry, drying racks are valuable investments. However, if there is no space or too much laundry for one drying rack, a helpful and simple solution is string or twine. By tying twine to the tops of dressers, bed posts, door hinges, or even Command Hooks, one can create clotheslines for additional drying space. Also, twine lines can be used to hang papers with clothespins, small storage buckets, or bags.
In addition to saving money and saving space, projects like these can be enjoyable and fulfilling when done yourself.

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