Group Helps Bust Clutter

By Emily Dobson
Elm Staff Writer

The weather here in Chestertown has felt like spring recently, and although it is still winter, it is never too early to start thinking about spring cleaning. This may seem like a hassle if you are not sure what to do with your unwanted items.
Fear no more; there is a Facebook group for members of the WC community to sell or trade the items you no longer need.
Rachel Martinez, a co-chair of the R4 committee for the Student Environmental Alliance (SEA), said, “This page will help reduce the waste that our campus creates by reusing the items that are sold on the page. Instead of ending up in the garbage, the items will find a second home and could even earn someone some money.”
“I’ve seen people leave out free stuff on campus, like free glassware and books (not textbooks) in an academic building and free clothing in a dorm. But this page is hopefully a way to consolidate that and have more people aware of these opportunities, not just those passing by specific areas on campus,” Rose Adelizzi, another member of SEA, said.
Martinez said, “The page is a benefit to our community because it is a platform for our campus only, making it a safe space to conduct these transactions.”
Those who wish to be added to the page must first request to join, to ensure that only members of WC have access to members’ information. There are also recommendations and rules listed on the page to help maintain safety on campus. Some of these suggestions include meeting in public areas, and bringing a friend to the meeting. It is also recommended that a friend is aware of someone’s meeting plans, even if it is in a public place. Textbooks should not be posted on the page, but should instead be posted on the WC Textbook Exchange page.
The page went live last semester, and there have already been a handful of successful sales and giveaways. Refrigerators, electronics such as TVs and video games, clothing such as coats and formal dresses, slushie machines, musical instruments, and even chairs have been placed on the page to be sold, traded, or given away.
“When the semester ends, there are always students, seniors especially, who would rather throw their stuff away. Instead of tossing out that mini fridge, cooking ware, or dorm supplies, consider offering it up on WAC Free and For Sale,” said Adelizzi.
Members of the WC community are encouraged to add themselves to the group by searching WAC Free and For Sale on Facebook and requesting to join.

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