Gym Equipment 101

By The Elm - Mar 03,2017@1:00 am

By Amanda Gabriel
Elm Staff Writer

For new beginners and experts, the weight room can be an intimidating place. Even if you don’t have the most chiseled physique, you can at least feel comfortable in the gym by knowing how to use the different types of equipment. Gym equipment comes in different forms and serve various purposes. Here is a list of equipment and exercises you can include in your workout routine.


Dumbbell exercises can bulk or tone your muscles.

1. Dumbbells are the most versatile piece of equipment in the Johnson Fitness Center. Not only can they be used for arm workouts, but they can be used for abs and legs. For example, try holding the dumbbells at your sides or pressed high above your head with extended arms while squatting, or hold a single dumbbell in your hands while performing sit-ups for an extra challenge.

Yoga Balls

Yoga balls can assist your stretching or ab exercises.

2. Resistance bands are another example of equipment with multiple uses. They can be used for training legs by wrapping the band around your ankles and walking in a squatted position, or the larger one can be used to work the arms. This can be done by placing one end of the band under your foot and pulling upwards with the arm on the same side of the body until there is a good amount of resistance. Just be careful not to snap the band.
3. The medicine balls in the JFC are easily forgotten about because they are tucked away in the corner by the rowing machines. They are great to work into your exercise routine. They can be slammed against the wall, thrown in the air, or used as a reference for squatting. Additionally, medicine balls can lead to a great partner workout. Try standing face-too-face with a partner while one of you holds the ball. Throw the ball to your partner and follow with a squat. Then have your partner mirror you by throwing the ball back and squatting. Repeat this process until you are feeling that burn.
4. Staying within the same family, yoga balls are often overlooked because they are not even in the gym, but instead line the walls as you approach the doors. Hundreds of workouts exist that consist of solely your body and a yoga ball. They can be used for sit-ups, hamstring curls, bridges, push-ups, and much more. Try looking up a workout online for more inspiration.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a great alternative for dumbbells.

5. Lastly, the jump ropes in the closet are a fun way to switch up a boring cardio routine. The treadmill can become redundant after a while, and jumping rope can increase your calorie burn in a shorter amount of time. Although jump ropes do not have as much versatility as the other equipment on the list, they can raise your heartrate quicker and get you warmed up for work with other machines later.

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