Hero of the Week: Surprise Albums

By Brian Klose
Opinion Editor

This week’s Hero of the Weeks honors my favorite band, Dawes, who recently released a live album for free on Spotify and other music streaming sites. The album, “We’re All Gonna Live,” is an addition to the growing trend of surprise albums and free content. The surprise release boosts the number of similarities between Dawes and Beyoncé from zero to one.
The album itself features remastered live versions of songs they’ve played in concert, mostly from its most recent album “We’re All Gonna Die,” on a tour that’s only a third of the way through. The effort put into releasing a live album mid-tour is a perfect example of the lengths musicians go to release new, free music any time they want.
Dawes, a member of the dad-rock genre, is no pioneer regarding music distribution or having a general surprise factor. The band is clearly taking cues from more popular and influence artists on how they operate and markets itself, all for the better. My love for the band has fallen out of the honeymoon stage and into general contentment, bordering on lack of interest. But for a band with few surprising elements, the bold move has spiced up our relationship and is keeping me excited for the future again.
If a band, most popular among white dudes like myself aged 20-80, can learn lessons from acts of younger generations like Chance the Rapper and Frank Ocean, there’s no telling who’s going to surprise us next.

Surprise Albun by Dawne
Dawes’s live album “We’re All Gonna Live”

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