History Society Trivia Crack

By Catalina righter
Elm Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, March 3, the Washington College History Society hosted a Trivia Crack Game Night in The Egg. Based off the popular mobile game of the same name, this free event invited friendly Friday-night competition, and a chance to dig into chicken nuggets and mozerella sticks.
Though Trivia Crack is usually played online, the History Society version was hands on. Teams were divided by tables and each started with a blank cardboard wheel that they competed to fill with colorful, handmade game pieces. The wheel was filled when a team correctly answered a question from each of the game’s six categories, earning them a game piece.
Questions were displayed at the front of the room in the form of a Prezi. The six categories were History of Dance, History of Magic, History of Science, 17th Century Insults, History of the Chesapeake Bay, and History of Animation.
Attendance was not limited to History Society members.
“It was great that they had books for prizes,” said sophomore Cherie Ciaudella, a history major who was encouraged to attend by History Society Advisor Dr. Ken Miller. “I was also impressed by the creative use of Prezi”
Casey Williams, a sophomore and member of History Society, said that coming up with the trivia questions for the event was a collaborative effort within the history society. They created a Google doc with all of the categories and asked members to contribute questions.
“We wanted to make sure everything is historically backed,” she said. Members researched each question and used sources available through the Miller Library to make sure each question and answer was accurate. Overall it took the student organization almost three weeks to complete the questions.
Williams enjoyed researching questions for the history of magic category, and had fun reading through some particularly “weird research articles… It’s such a niche subject,” she said.
First place went to Team Pumped, made up of senior Alicia Legard, freshman Emily Dobson, sophomore Spencer Russell, and sophomore Molly Flowers.
“I was pumped,” said Legard.
For more information about History Society, contact President Madison Kaye at mkaye2@washcoll.edu

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