Senior Staff Welcomes Rosner

By Rebecca Railson
Elm Staff Writer
This year, Washington College appointed a new member to the senior staff. Rahel Rosner will be serving as Vice President for Finance and Administration. She comes to WC after serving as the Director of Finance and Operations for Georgetown Day School for eight years.
Rosner will be transitioning from a pre-K-12 education program to a college atmosphere, but she doesn’t find that daunting.
“For the past 12 years, I have been in the independent school world where our job is to prepare kids for what comes next, regardless of what it is. In many cases, what comes next is college.”
During her time at Georgetown Day School, Rosner said that she was curious about higher education and wondered what she could take from it to the independent school world.
“[For example,] in much the same way that your third grade teacher would talk to your second grade teacher in order to understand what second graders needed to do to prepare you for third grade. The question is the interface and the interconnectedness of these two worlds.”
Rosner’s curiosity eventually led her to WC.

Rachel Rosner
Rachel Rosner has joined WC as the new VP of Finance and Administration.

“When the opportunity arose to talk with folks like President Bair and the administrative team, I was intrigued.”
When it comes to finances, Rosner firmly believes that college should be accessible and affordable to and for everyone.
“As I was taking a look at President Bair’s vision for WC, it truly resonated with me…I believe strongly that you have to believe in where you are.”
Both Rosner and President Bair have a vision to, according to Rosner, “be on the forefront of thinking about access and affordability around higher education.”
Rosner expressed that the programs President Bair has already put in place, such as George’s Brigade and FixedFor4, offer students more financial security and helps to progress to the ultimate goal of lifting the financial burden off students.
“Your path to financial independence is hampered because you cannot begin to save at that point in time,” Rosner said.
She cares about the well-being and financial security of the students at WC.
“The only way I’ll make a difference here is through these kinds of conversations,” she said.
“I’m interested in the topic [of the lecture,] but it’s less the topic than how can I find points of connection so I can best serve the community,” she said.
Before her time at Georgetown Day School, Rosner received her Bachelor’s degree in biology and religion from Swarthmore College, her master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon, and a Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education from Mercy College.
Along with Rosner’s impressive credentials comes a long list of jobs in many places around the country and beyond. Spending time working for PricewaterhouseCoopers (a financial organization), Dun and Bradstreet (a data and analytics compancy) and even living in Japan for two years, Rosner has seen and done a lot in her career. She wants the community at WC to know that she intends to be among them to better help and serve the students.
Rosner has zero interest in sitting on the sidelines and said that she enjoyed conversation with student leaders and other members of the student community.
“I will do my best to prioritize students. I will prioritize meeting with students above almost anything. My job is to serve you.”

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