By Brian Brecker
Elm Staff Writer

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of alcohol during a social event, given you’re the legal drinking age. Alcohol can help soothe the nerves and open yourself up to having a better time. Ideally, one should not require alcohol or other drugs to have a good time. In a place like Chestertown, it may feel like there isn’t a lot to do on a small budget, however, there are a few options for those looking to have a sober outing.
First off, Chestertown is home to a cheap movie theatre, that features all the new releases. At least one person in your dorm should have Netflix, so an HDMI cord and a bit of technical know-how is all you need to set up a dorm viewing party. Many people bring their favorite films on DVD and Blu-Ray to watch.
Moving on to videogames, there should be a multitude of different consoles in your residence hall. You may need to invest in some extra controllers, but local co-op video games are a staple of socializing. Playing videogames with new people you don’t know as well is also a great way to break the ice.
Clubs provide a great social opportunity for people to have fun in a non-alcoholic way. The college has clubs such as WIGS, EROS, the Anime Club, and MMA club. WIGS, which I have the most involvement in, has Magic the Gathering night on Monday and general board game night on Thursday. Afterwards, we often go out to eat at Martha’s and socialize. The club also coordinates tabletop sessions and LARP (Live Action Role Playing), so if you’re a total dork like me, this is right up your alley.
If you’re going to be true to yourself when you socialize, you should be able to do so without drinking. Buying alcohol that can actually get you drunk can cost more money than a lot of these other options. There are ways to escape stress with others that don’t involve drinking, even in such a remote place as Chestertown.

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In case you have missed it

In case you have missed it