College Hack: Put an End to Lockouts

By Amanda Gabriel
Elm Staff Writer

Remembering to submit assignments on time is hard enough, so how are you supposed to always remember your keys too? Let’s face it, most college students have experienced the embarrassing moment of a lockout. Luckily, students do not need to call a locksmith; instead Resident Assistants are usually available to help in this situation. Yet what most students forget is that, if your RA is not around, Public Safety is always available to help, and the RA on duty is the ideal person to call if you get locked out after dark (if you do not have these numbers, ask your RA and they will be happy to assist you). Although there are many resources available here on campus to help during a lockout, these situations can be avoided with a few tricks.

Key on a wrist
Secure your key by wrapping it around your wrist.

One trick that I have found useful is to place a command hook right on my door to hang my keys. This way, as soon as I step inside my room I can hang up my keys, and I know they will be there for me when I am walking out the door. By placing your keys next to the door, you are more likely to see them in case you are in a rush. Additionally, this eliminates the need to search through a messy room to find lost keys.
If the first option does not work, try attaching your key to a hair tie or string to wear around your wrist. If your key is always on your person, then you will never be locked out again. Keeping your key on a hair tie or string is ideal for people who have doors that lock when the go to the restroom or take a shower. Nothing is worse than coming out of the shower to a locked door and having to wait in your towel until someone shows up to unlock it for you.

Key on a door
Hang your keys by the door so you never have to look for them.

If you are the type of person who mixes up their keys, try painting the ends with different colors of paint or nail polish. If you know what color keys open up which door, then you can grab the right set before leaving your building.
By trying a few new tips such as hanging your keys near your door, always keeping your key around your wrist, or color-coding your keys, lockouts can be avoided next semester.

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