ManageMyID Gets a Makeover in New App

By Meaghan Manna
Elm Staff Writer
Washington College students who have struggled with transferring money from their accounts to their student IDs can now relax. As of March 31, ManageMyID has been phased out to make room for something much better: GET.
The GET app can be used by students and parents to transfer funds and view balances for dining dollars, streamlining the process and making it as effortless as possible.
The implementation of the new system was handled by the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) and support staff from CBORD, a technology company that specilizes in campus and cashless card systems, according to Accounts Recievable Manager Debbie Bergen.
In an email sent to the campus community on March 28, it was stated that, “This full featured tool holds additional uses for us in the future that we plan to tie to your dining experience.”
“I’m pretty good with technology, so I never really had major problems with ManageMyID, but I heard about the GET app and I want to know more about how it works,” freshman Sophie Polovoy said.
By using the GET app, students will no longer need to register their IDs and create separate log-ins. Students can now download GET Mobile from the CBORD Group and, with just the swipe of a finger, can have more control over their dining habits. Once a student has downloaded the app, the log-in is the same as their student log-in to their WC email.
“One other feature available on the GET system that was not available with ManageMyID is the ability for the student, while logged into their GET account, to send an email to someone to request that they add funds to their GET account,” Bergen said.
“I’m definitely looking forward to using the app, I’m always transferring money onto my dining dollars and this will make it much easier,” said Polovoy.

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