Spring Cleaning 101

By Brian Brecker
Elm Staff Writer

Cleaning is an important part of being a respectful roommate and a responsible student. There’s nothing more insulting for your roommate than leaving everything everywhere. What products are useful to clean your tiny living space? Unless you prefer using a dust pan and a broom, a vacuum cleaner is a safe investment. There is no need to get a large vacuum cleaner, a Dust Buster will work just as well and will get into those nooks and crannies. You will have to empty the canister regularly because Dust Busters fill up quickly.
Do you have odd colored spots on your floor such as marinara stains? Another prudent investment is a canister of Lysol wipes. These wipes can get the stains off of anything. They are also very effective in cleaning the dust that accumulates at the edges of furniture and especially behind the bed.
Aesthetic improvements aside, no one will want to stay in your room for more than a couple minutes if it smells like sweat and grease from all the midnight Taco Bell runs. Invest in air fresheners and the spray them daily. I recommend using a highly-trusted air freshener, like Glade, especially the lavender-scented one, as it creates a calming atmosphere conducive for studying. Of course, this isn’t a replacement for having proper hygiene, but it comes close.
Cleanliness is an important factor in maintaining the order of one’s life. If your living conditions are messy, it may be more likely that your work ethic will continue similarly. Usually, orderliness leads to productivity. As well, it’s generally more respectful not to leave nacho cheese everywhere when you leave for break and the staff has to clean up your room. Remember, take care of yourself and your room and don’t let either spiral into disaster.

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