Pantazes Twins Take on Two Sports: Emily and Alison Pantazes Shine in Both Field Hockey and Lacrosse

By Sophie Grabiec
Sports Editor

In just two years at Washington College, Alison and Emily Pantazes have taken the field hockey and lacrosse athletic programs by storm.

Allison Pantazes
Allison Pantazes

Originally committed to Millersville University, the Pantazes sisters decided WC was right for them based on a lacrosse camp they attended with their Middletown High School team.

“I was persuaded by the campus, it felt like somewhere I should be,” Alison said. They both decided to make the switch and join the lacrosse team, but later realized they couldnt give up field hockey.

“I couldn’t imagine not playing for the next four years; I played both in high school and knew I wanted to play both in college, especially with Em by my side,” Alison said.

Emily Pantazes

“We always knew we wanted to go to college together and play the same sports. It was a huge decision maker when it came down to picking a school that suited both of our needs,” Emily said.

Their transition from high school to college athletics was made easier because they had each other to depend on throughout the stresses of preseasons and meeting new teammates.

“It’s like always having your best friend on your team with you experiencing both levels. So, it’s a good experience!” said Emily. Balancing two sports with full academic schedules is challenging, but they both agree it is easier to be in-season the whole academic year.

They spent their freshman year together as roommates, and still live with one another this year as sophomores.

“Handling both now is tough, but I find it easier to manage school work in two seasons because I have to manage my time around all my practices … it definitely helps being busy,” Alison said.

The Pantazes twins have benefited greatly from playing two collegiate sports together. Their bond helps day to day through classes, practices, and anything in between.

“If I ever felt down about how we did at practice that day, or anything bad, we were always there for each other. Always having that one person with you there since day one is a great support system. She understands when I’m upset, and she knows when she has to pick me back up and I know when I have to do the same for her,” said Alison. The two hit it off on the field, their familiarity with each other helping them complete plays with ease.

“Ever since we were little we knew we wanted to grow up playing sports together. I love having my best friend with me all the time,” Alison said.

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