By Amanda Gabriel
Senior Writer

A majority of people who begin a new fitness routine or diet are looking to change something about themselves. Most often, this is their appearance. They motivate themselves with the wrong ideas and goals, which are often far-fetched and unattainable. What most people do not understand is that fitness journeys should be about bettering yourself as a whole and leading a healthier lifestyle.

The most common mistake people make is looking for that “quick fix” that is going to change their body. What they should focus on instead is their health. Working out should never be punishment for your body. Instead, one should learn to love their body through the process. If you eat right and work out as a reward for yourself, then waking up early to go to the gym or skipping on that piece is cake will become easier.

Habits take two weeks to create, and if you stick to them and set small goals, you start to see a difference and feel more accomplished. Long-term goals are sometimes good to have, but if you take smaller steps you will start to see change sooner.  

In my opinion, the mindset people have when working out is the most important part of a fitness journey. How is one supposed to stay motived if there is no respect for himself or herself?

Learn to love yourself and find your limits so that they can be pushed each time and you can walk away from situations feeling stronger and happier.

Celebrate the little things, like lifting an extra five pounds, or waking up an extra hour earlier to make it to the gym. Our bodies can be trained to overcome many challenges, but much like our bodies, our minds have to be trained as well.   

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