By Rosie Alger 
Opinion Editor

This week’s hero is University of Maryland Baltimore County’s men’s basketball team. The men made history as the first men’s 16 seed team to beat out a No. 1 seed team. March Madness will be shaken up for the rest of the season, as the plucky underdog team toppled UVA 74-54. Even though the Retrievers didn’t manage to win their second game, which was against Kansas State, they gave March Madness their all, and certainly managed to make history.

UMBC is a small Maryland state school, known for their stellar academics rather than their sports record. The win means a lot to the community, and gained the school national attention. ESPN retweeted a UMBC Athletics post, saying, “It was only two games. But UMBC’s tourney run will be remembered for a lifetime.”

The school remained humble and was quick to give credit where credit was due. The Athletics page tweeted, “We’d like to take this moment to remind you that all these ‘16 seed firsts’ are for Men’s Basketball….@HarvardWBB was the first ever 16 to beat a 1.” They showed solidarity with the Harvard women’s team that made this same historic achievement, and showed the world that they can be gracious as well as athletic.

After their final game, instead of wallowing in the loss, UMBC athletes remained proud of their achievements throughout the season. UMBC Athletics tweeted, “Well, it was fun y’all. KState may have won (50-43), but we hope to have won your hearts.”

They certainly did, and Washington College students should congratulate their fellow Marylanders on their historic win. Thank you, UMBC, for crushing everyone’s brackets, giving it your all, and keeping a positive attitude throughout

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In case you have missed it

In case you have missed it