By Victoria Cline
Elm Staff Writer

Though it might seem that it has been cold and dreary for quite a while on the Eastern Shore, warmer weather is just around the corner now that spring break is finally in sight. Here are a few easy and free ways to get outside and enjoy the sun after a long winter.

  1. Have a picnic. This is a super easy thing to do, even if you are busy.

Whether you only have a few moments to enjoy your to-go box from the dining hall out on the Green or a full hour to take your food down to the waterfront for a picturesque meal, just eating outside in general will really help brighten your day. A great spot to gather with friends is at the Boathouse Pavilion, only a short walk from campus for a change of scenery for your meal.

If you want to stay on campus, try the library terrace or even the steps at Martha Washington Square for an impromptu lunch break in the sun.

  1. Go for a bike ride. It’s really easy to sign out a bike from Public Safety through the SGA’s BikeShare program. Just be sure to fill out an application, which you can find instructions for on the SGA webpage on the college’s website. Even if you just want to ride a bike to class for the day or take a longer ride down the bike trail, the exercise and fun way to enjoy the outdoors will definitely be a fun change of pace.
  2. Take a trip down to the boathouse. We have a great opportunity here at Washington College to have access to the water, and all it takes it passing a swim test at the JFC to be able to take out a paddleboard or kayak, completely free. Just be sure you check the boathouse hours for when they will be open, as it is weather dependent for students to go out on the water. On occasion, you can even go tubing or water skiing. Just call ahead to ask when the boats are going out for those activities.

My own favorite way to enjoy the weather is to toss around a football and just have fun with friends. The next sunny day I hope you take advantage of it to destress and take in some rays around campus and our beautiful Chestertown.

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