Pet of the Week: Happy

By The Elm - Apr 12,2018@5:39 pm

By Madison Bendistis 
Elm Staff Writer

This week’s adoptable pet is a 6-year-old bulldog mix appropriately named Happy. Happy has a white coat with some black spots. He also has a constant smile on his face.

Happy arrived at the Humane Society of Kent County a bit overweight. The staff is trying to get him to lose a few pounds. This is a little difficult because Happy loves treats.

“We’ve nicknamed him the cookie monster because he could eat treats all day long,” said Animal Care Technician JP Hooker. “I picked him up the other day and I was scared that he would break my back.”

Happy may have a lot of weight on him, but it is all full of love.

“He smiles whenever he sees someone,” Hooker said. “He’s getting all kinds of fans because he’s so easy to take pictures of. We’re putting Happy in our spring appeal for the community, and he’s also in a bunch of our staff pictures.”

Potential owners should know that although Happy gets along well with people of all shapes and sizes, he can be selective with his dog friends. The Humane Society of Kent County always encourages meet and greets with other pets before adopting.

Happy would also do best in a home without cats or small children, as he might accidentally cause harm due to his size. Happy can also be food possessive, so children should know how to handle that.

Happy has not been at the Humane Society long, but he has quickly become a staff favorite.

“He’s sweet, likes to run around and play, and he looks like the Michelin Man. What’s not to love?” Hooker said.

If anyone in the Chestertown community, WC faculty and staff members, or even students with families are interested in rescuing Happy, please contact the Humane Society of Kent County at 410-778-3648 or by emailing

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