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By The Elm - Apr 06,2018@7:04 pm

By Christian Yosef 
Elm Staff Writer

The 235th Commencement is rapidly approaching and for some students, it’s only an academic pitstop.

For students, acceptance letters and visits to nearby graduate programs are on the horizon, as well as the next stage in their academic careers.

There are some seniors, though, who will head off to graduate school and continue their education.

There are many reasons why seniors might decide to take this approach. Senior Sarah Wieder said that her time as a student at Washington College helped prepare her for graduate school.

A business management major with a double minor in psychology and marketing, Wieder is also involved on campus as a photographer and is in various clubs.

“I greatly valued my time here at WC because I have had the opportunity to learn from some amazing professors that have not only given me an abundance of knowledge, but have also encouraged me to pursue my passions and be the best person I can be,” she said.

Weider will be attending Loyola University of Maryland in the fall in pursuit of a Master of Business Administration in their Emerging Leaders Program.

“I have a passion for learning and business so I am excited to learn about different aspects of business in a more in depth manner. I eventually want to open my own business, an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Center, and I feel like the knowledge I gain from having an MBA will allow my business to be even more successful,” she said.

“I’m a biology major with a chemistry minor,” said senior Bradley Long, “and WC definitely prepared me for my graduate studies; I gained critical learning skills and important base knowledge that will be essential for me in my graduate studies at Virginia Commonwealth University: School of Pharmacy. My goal, after graduation from VCU is to graduate with a Pharm.D. and a master’s in Public Health.”

At WC, senior Alaina Geissberger is a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and a key player in the women’s volleyball team, but now the most important thing to Geissberger is to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner through a graduate school program.

“I want to attend grad school to pursue my interest in nursing and hopefully become a nurse practitioner in the future. I’ve always wanted to work in a pediatrician’s office, but I am very excited and optimistic to see what specialty fascinates me the most in grad school,” she said.

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