Goodbye, From Graduating Senior Jack Despeaux, Student Life Editor

By Jack Despeaux
Former Student Life Editor

I only said hello a few months ago, but now I must say goodbye. As Student Life Editor, I worked hard and had a genuinely fun time with my staff, and I will miss this job immensely as I begin to attempt to possibly consider the potential questionable career opportunities that may or may not be succeeded in the terrifying upcoming life I have to live. Too long, didn’t read; this job was fun, and I doubt I’ll have so much fun at a job again.

Am I the best editor that the Student Life section has ever had? Perhaps not, and I have the utmost confidence in Katy Shenk, my replacement who already has a higher respect for deadlines than I ever have. When I was hired, my goals for the Student Life section were to bring role models into focus for younger students, and to give seniors a way to recognize each other’s journeys. I also wanted to ensure that the articles represented as much of campus, and of the student body, as possible. Thanks to the photographers, I was also able to add beautiful pictures and photo spreads to my section, which I was always especially proud of.

The Elm was an incredible opportunity for me at an incredibly opportune time. After studying abroad in Cork, Ireland last semester, I had no money. After a winter break full of catching up on thesis writing, The Elm provided me with a paycheck to feed my kids. I took up another job as a flower delivery boy for Bloomin’ Wild, but my Elm job really paid the bills. I am truly grateful to have been given this job when I needed it most.

Zodiac signs pointed me in the direction of this opportunity, and fate allowed me to take hold of it. Fate, and the help of many others. Those others include “Stinky Broke Man”, Brooke Schultz, for paying me. Abby “Yung Limon” Wargo, for teaching me how to Student Life. Abbey “not you, Abby, my girlfriend Abbey” Wark for staying awake late enough on Mondays so that I would be greeted with warmth after a long day. Thank you, John Leslie, for finding all of my hidden messages in this article. Thank you, Melissa McIntire, for not yelling at me too much and reminding me I’m not the worst editor we’ve ever had. And thank you, Dan Teano, for our mid-work Facebook messages.

Killer jokes, many quotes on a quote board (“All I do is eat Oreos and make mistakes,” “I am but a lowly mule”), late nights full of laughs, money problems, hidden Dr. Seuss identities, and new friends made this job, and this semester, a semester. Goodbye, Elm, thank you for everything.

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