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Washington College’s Cleopatra’s Sisters organization stands on the seven principles of sisterhood: respect, unity, peace, patience, pride, and love, according to WC’s webpage.

“It’s meant as a support group and family for young women on campus, especially those that are of minorities, though all women are accepted,” said Cleopatra’s Sisters member sophomore Tamia Williams.

Cleopatra’s Sisters is not a sorority, though it is similar to a fraternal organization in some ways.

“We are more so a club of sisterhood and service. There is no induction fee to join our club and we operate on a smaller, more intimate scale,” said Cleopatra’s Sisters President sophomore Aizha Brown.

Cleopatra’s Sisters has a Big Sister and Little Sister program, where the Bigs are current members and the Littles are students who are new to the organization.

“We have our own Little Sister bonding time. Just hanging out, empowering each other, empowering women,” Williams said.

“I love that these women in this group are [as] passionate about supporting women as I am! They make me love my position in this organization. I know [the club] is small but by the time I graduate I know [we] will be remembered,” Brown said.

Joining Cleopatra’s Sisters is an opportunity for anyone interested to get to meet other like-minded students.

“I think my favorite activity so far has been where we all got together in [Sassafras Hall’s] lounge and we painted wine glasses together and watched ‘Get Out’ together. It was nice just chatting with each other,” Williams said.

Cleopatra’s Sisters has their formal induction once a year. The club’s colors are purple and gold, so during the induction, the Littles wear purple and the Bigs wear gold or yellow.

“We have a little dinner, we do the induction, take pictures and it’s just a merry time. By that time, we’ve already bonded with each other so it’s already like a little sisterhood and family,” Williams said.

Currently, Cleopatra’s Sisters philanthropic cause is sexually transmitted disease awareness for women.

“We want to promote women’s health because we know that women with STDs are stigmatized in society. So we want to promote awareness of women’s sexual health and thereby help reduce stigma around it,” Brown said.

Cleopatra’s Sisters are collaborating with other organizations on a variety of events this semester. They will be partnering with the Black Student Union and the Student Events Board on a New York City bus trip in December.

On Reading Day, they will have a “Do it Yourself” sugar scrub station at the campus spa in the Egg.

“We also plan to have a cultural trip to Washington, D.C. to see museums such as the National Gallery Museum, Holocaust museum, and the Smithsonian,” Brown said.

Cleopatra’s Sisters is open to new members for any female students who are interested in becoming a part of this organization. Contact Aizha Brown at

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