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  The Washington College Chinese Student Union has undergone a recent name change to the Chinese Culture Club.

“I hope to clarify that this is not a club only limited to Chinese students,” said junior and President Yue Sun in reference to the decision to change the organization’s name.

The Chinese Culture Club is currently in the process of restarting as an organization on campus. Currently, there are around 40 members in the club.

“The idea was to form a completely inclusive club that would draw all sorts of people — students from China, students taking Chinese classes of any kind, or even just people who are interested in learning more about China,” said Assistant Professor of Chinese Language, Literature, and Culture Dr. David Hull.

The organization was originally formed for Chinese students on campus to have fun during traditional Chinese festivals.

“Now, [the club] is dedicated to propagating Chinese culture [in] the WC community and helping with the diversity of WC,” Sun said.

In the future, Sun stated that she hopes to have a buddy program established with the Chinese Culture Club and students studying Chinese.

“It’s a win-win relationship for both the Chinese students and students who are studying Chinese. They could learn, teach, and exchange culture differences in person,” Sun said.

Currently, there are both academic and extracurricular events that could benefit from involvement with the Chinese Culture Club.

“WC is fortunate to be a truly global place, and we take pride in preparing students to be global citizens. China will be an important part of everyone’s life in the future, and the CCC can help educate everyone and aid in mutual understanding,” Dr. Hull said.

Many of the traditional Chinese festivals held on campus are collaborations between the Chinese Culture Club, the Global Education Office, the Chinese Department, and the Office of Intercultural Affairs.

The three annual events are the Mid-Autumn Festival, Dumpling Night, and the Lunar New Year.

While the Mid-Autumn Festival occurred on Sept. 21,  Dumpling Night will be held in November with the Chinese Department, and the Lunar New Year will be celebrated in the spring semester.

Other potential events for this semester are a Badminton or Ping-Pong tournament, and a Chinese Papercut or Five in a Row competition. Sun said that she would also like to hold events specifically for club members.

“Coming together to learn about and enjoy all aspects of Chinese culture is really what the club is all about,” Dr. Hull said.

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