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The fever for Lana Del Rey is back after she released her newest single on Sept. 12.

Her collaboration with American musician Jack Antonoff gave fans the track “Mariners Apartment Complex” to fawn over, and superfans the incentive to go back and binge-listen to her past albums, such as “Lust for Life,” “Honeymoon,” and “Ultraviolence.”

However, for those who are in need of a fix, here’s a ranking of five artists you’ll love if you can’t get enough of Lana Del Rey.

5. Tove Lo. The popular Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo, born Ebba Tove Elsa Nillsen, isn’t afraid to experiment with her songs, throwing in a dash of electronica and a dose of indie with her pop sound.

With her heavy beats, unabashedly explicit lyrics, and a healthy amount of “oh oh’s” in many of her songs, she makes for a nice substitute.

From her most popular song “Habits (Stay High)” to her newest album, “Blue Lips,” released in 2017, Tove Lo truly rocks the stage.

4. Troye Sivan. Australian actor, singer, and songwriter Troye Sivan Mellet writes songs ranging in genre from pop to alternative to electronica.

His second album, “Bloom,” released in August, features the song “Dance To This” with guest vocalist Ariana Grande. The song, after its release, became an instant fan favorite.

Add in his song “There For You” with Martin Garrix and his first released single, “Happy Little Pill,” and you’ll have a nice playlist.

3. Halsey. Ashley Frangipane, otherwise known as Halsey, hits the stage with her brand of beautifully bizarre indie-pop electronica.

Ever since her stage debut in 2014 opening for the likes of Imagine Dragons and The Kooks, Halsey’s fan base has only grown more and more in the years after.

The eerie track “Castle,” the rebellious beat of the song “New Americana,” and her single “Now or Never” all demonstrate her vibrantly peculiar voice.

2. BANKS. Switching between electronica, down-tempo music, pop, and alternative R&B, Jillian Rose Banks, known by her stagename BANKS, has cultivated quite a variety of music.

From the oddly upbeat (despite the dark lyrics) “Gemini Feed” to the pulse of “Trainwreck,” her voice will keep you listening for hours.

While not very active on social media, BANKS has confirmed she’s working on her third album, leaving us all to wait in eager anticipation.

1. Lorde. Of course, Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, otherwise known as Lorde, reigns supreme at the top of this list.

Still a teenager when she won two Grammys for her song “Royals” in 2014, Lorde took the indie pop world by storm. Ranging from “Tennis Court” and “Ribs” from her album “Pure Heroine” to “Hard Feelings/Loveless” and “Writer in the Dark” from “Melodrama,” Lorde’s voice carries some serious weight.

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