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The new Coordinator of Campus Recreation, Steve Kaneshiki, is already in love with his job.

He said, “This was a dream job for me to come back to Washington College — just playing sports all day — how fun is that?” 

Kaneshiki holds a degree in Sports Leisure Management from Elon University. He has been at WC previously as assistant basketball coach and interim head coach for the women’s team. 

After taking a year off from coaching, Kaneshiki is back and has lots of new ideas for the program. 

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Steve back to our athletic department.  He has been involved in our department off and on for over a decade. He genuinely cares about our students and wants to ensure that they have a wonderful experience.  This will serve him well as he continues to build upon the programs Nick Moon implemented,” said Thad Moore, WC director of athletics. 

Some of Kaneshiki’s new plans involve including members of the WC community who would not normally participate in intramurals or clubs.

“I think we can try to get more people involved because the best thing about college is meeting new people,” he said.

Kaneshiki said that to attract more students, he is considering adding eSports, one-day leagues, and tournaments to the WC recreation programming.   

“I know WC students are extremely busy and maybe they don’t feel like they can commit for a season,” he said, “We try to offer a little bit of something for anybody so it’s not just one demographic.”

Kaneshiki has already made some changes involving intramural sports, with different requirements this year for open leagues. 

“We got rid of co-rec, because in co-rec you had to have a minimum of two females, but we were getting a lot of forfeits because maybe only one would show up. So, this is basically the exact same thing only there’s no minimum,” he said. 

Based on student input from last year, he will also establish women’s-only leagues in certain sports.

“The feedback was, some of the players felt comfortable playing with men, and others would rather not, but there wasn’t an option. So, now we’re going to give people the option. If they want to they can,” he said.   

He hopes that students continue to provide him with ideas and feedback. 

“If anyone has any ideas — no idea is a bad idea,” he said, “I want to know what the campus community thinks.”

His overall goal is to, “Try to make it so that everybody has a good experience, not just in intramurals or club sports, but at WC.”

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