The Unearthly Show to Watch this Halloween : The New Season of “Supernatural” Should Make for Some Spooky Viewing

supernatural-e1473134324913By Vanessa Rupertus

Elm Staff Writer

The latest season of the popular CW series, “Supernatural,” aired Oct. 11, drawing in nearly a million and a half eager fans to their television screens.

The dark fantasy series, created by Eric Kripke, has evolved from two brothers fighting monsters into a desperate race to save the world from the deluded archangel, Michael.

Jared Padaleki returns as Sam Winchester, the prophesized Boy King of Hell. Jensen Ackles, meanwhile, takes on the new role of the Archangel Michael, or as the fans call him, Dichael, who has possessed the elder brother, Dean Winchester.

Sam Winchester and company have now made it their mission to get Dean back, and defeat the Archangel before his plan to recreate the world in his vision comes to fruition.

The first episode, “Stranger in a Strange Land,” gave fans a good slice of all their favorite supporting characters, such as Castiel (Misha Collins), the Winchester brothers’ best angel friend, and Jack Kelly (Alexander Calvert), son of Lucifer and a Nephilim who was drained of his powers by his own father.

The episode pulled out all the stops as viewers were thrown into  the show’s world of ghosts, monsters, angels, and demons yet again.

Fans were on the edge of their seats watching the ruthless Michael, occupying Dean Winchester’s body, manipulate fellow supernatural creatures into following his cause.

While it’s still too early to tell where the season will end up, reactions to the premiere so far have been mostly positive.

There are a lot of new developments for fans to look forward to this season.

Sam is leading the new hunter network and brawling with demons who wish to anoint him King of Hell. Jack is poorly adjusting to his new life as a human with help from Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver).

Castiel, meanwhile, is berating himself over Dean’s situation while simultaneously attempting to act as a father figure to Jack.

The second episode, “Gods and Monsters,” has large shoes to fill to keep the avid viewers satisfied.

With Richard Speight Jr.—who previously played the Archangel Gabriel on the show—directing it, however, fans are likely to find their thirst for “Supernatural” thoroughly quenched.

Hopefully, this 14th season will live up to the legacy forged in previous iterations. Perhaps it might even revitalize the franchise.

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