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After a long wait, the popular animated web series “RWBY” (pronounced “ruby”) has made its electrifying return.

The first episode of its sixth volume, “Argus Limited,” aired Oct. 27. on RoosterTeeth.com.

Created by the late Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions, “RWBY” takes place in the fantasy world of Remnant, focusing on four girls training to become professional huntresses and protect the innonent from monsters known as Grimm.

Ever since the end of the third volume, however, their mission has grown into something far more daunting and dangerous.

After a long period of separation, Ruby Rose (voiced by Lindsay Jones), Weiss Schnee (Kara Eberle), Blake Belladonna (Arryn Zech), and Yang Xiao Long (Barbara Dunkelman), have finally reunited as Team RWBY.

They’ve been tasked with transporting the newly-acquired Relic of Knowledge to the kingdom of Atlas in an effort to stop Salem, a woman who controls the Grimm, from bringing devastation to the world.

Many fans were vocally skeptical about the return of “RWBY” after the poorly received fifth volume, but once the first episode of the new volume finally aired, the careful balance of engaging dialogue, plot advancement, and juicy action scenes instilled fans with high hopes for what’s to come.

This new season also marks a temporary farewell to some fan favorites, such as the ever-cheerful Sun Wukong (Michael Jones) and fairly new face, Ilia Amitola (Cherami Leigh Kuehn).

Ruby and Yang’s fun sisterly banter more than made up for those bitter-sweet departures, though. The newly strained relationship between Yang and Blake is also something many look forward to seeing explored.

And, after what seemed like two volumes of minimal character growth for Ruby, it looks like she has finally grown into her role as a leader.

Those desperate for quality action scenes were pleasantly surprised within the first few minutes.

The episode began with Team RWBY’s hectic fight with a new version of Grimm, a pack of Manticores, on top of a speeding train.

Ruby and Yang’s uncle, Qrow Branwen (Vic Mignogna), and Oscar Pine (Aaron Dismuke), assisted the team in the fight, and with cohesive teamwork, the heroes emerged victorious.

As to be expected, not all is well for our heroes this volume. Team RWBY, Qrow, and Oscar managed to get stranded in the snow-covered mountains on the way to Atlas.

They’re without transportation now, and villains seem to lurk at every corner, such as the dangerous extremist, Adam Taurus (Garrett Hunter), and those in Salem’s inner circle.

Thanks to some hints in the opening credits, there have also been whispers concerning the possible return of the fan-favorite villain, Neo, who hasn’t been seen in over two seasons, and the main antagonist of the first few volumes, Cinder Fall (Jessica Nigri).

Ruby and company managed to secure a victory by the end of last volume, but with Salem enraged by the losses of her greatest pawn, Cinder Fall, and the powerful relic, our heroes better be ready for the battles to come.

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In case you have missed it