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In 2013, a phenomenon in children’s entertainment took the world by storm.

“Frozen,” an animated feature film based off of Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Snow Queen,” was a runaway hit for the Walt Dis- ney Company, pulling in around 1.27 billion dollars worldwide.

Even Disney’s more recent animated blockbusters like “Zootopia” and “Moana” couldn’t beat the massive success of “Frozen.”

For months and years after, young children and adults alike were enamored with the songs from the film and cultural references abounded.

Fast forward six years, and we are on the precipice of yet another installment of the film.

“Frozen 2,” set to premiere in mid-November this year, is raising high hopes and expectations from families who obsessed over the original film half a decade ago.

Fall is still a ways off, though. For many, the wait until the return of beloved characters Anna, Elsa, Krist- off, Olaf, and Sven is agonizing.

The particulars of the sequel’s story are still, however, under wraps for the time being.

Some of our most burning questions have to do with the last movie’s twist-villain Hans, whose fate wasn’t clearly disclosed to us in the last film.

In addition to this, we can only imagine who (or what) will become the new antagonist to our heroes in the new movie.

Other questions we need the answers to in the next film: Has Elsa truly overcome her fears about her powers, or will her curse continue to haunt her throughout this film as well? And how does the relationship dynamic between Elsa, Kristoff, and Anna play out?

Seeing these characters united for an entire film—considering they were essentially two separate storylines the last time around—will be quite interesting to watch unfold.

The recent preview shows what seems to be a continuation of the events of the previous film, though it finds the characters in brand-new environments.

Elsa is using her powers to quell a storming sea, Anna is brandishing a mighty sword, and the entourage is busy fighting off undisclosed foes.

Careful watchers will even catch a glimpse of what appears to be a new character with powers of her own.

It seems the film is packed with action and vibrant locales, and it’s sure to satisfy both the fans of the original film and newcomers to the franchise.

With all that in mind, many might still be skeptical about the creative team’s ability to totally capture the audience’s attention.

Historically, Disney sequels have been a mixed bag, with some becoming big hits amongst both critics and audiences, like the “Toy Story” franchise.

Others, however, like “Atlantis II: Milo’s Return,” more or less flopped at the box office, doomed to the realm of forgotten follow-ups.

Though the teaser for “Frozen 2” is just under two minutes—half of it devoted to Elsa getting wiped out by huge waves—it’s already generated plenty of excitement and fan theories.

With the massive success of the last film, the team behind this animated franchise knows exactly how much anticipation is behind the sequel.

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